Friday, March 16, 2018

Animals, Books & Mushroom Growth

Thursday we ventured out of town for a day trip to an animal/sea life park with friends. We took just a few pictures of some of the animals we saw on our trip.

 Ours son's favorite of the day...

 Momma's favorite were the giraffe's - loving how up close and personal you could get with them and how curious and friendly they were! Such beautiful creatures.
 These guys below were a little too close for comfort, so we took a few steps back! They were creepy staring and bobbing their heads at us!

Our son is an avid field guide collector so when our daughter and I saw these we knew we had to buy them for him. We love library book sales! 50 cents for these beauties! He loved that they have colored pictures in them too.

Our kit is growing...1 week growth right here - 

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Hiking Nature Day

Our Wednesday adventure....

We hiked a new-to-us trail at a lake we've visited before. Sunshine, breezy and then the clouds rolled in...a storm is coming tonight/tomorrow here. We love our area for all its outdoor glory, it really is a great outdoor community for biking, hiking, rock climbing, kayaking and more- we love it here! This summer we will have lived in this area for 2  years!

Today we went a little over 3 miles, looked into crystal clear waters, said hello to dogs and owners, saw woodpecker holes and listened to the breeze in the trees and of course talked, dreamed and planned as we adventured together.  It could not have been a more beautiful day to be outdoors.

 Sometimes I ask them to look at the camera...smiles seem to be optional as they are not too into getting their pics taken even if I request with a please so Grandparents can see them! Oh these two!

Walk among the trees...feel the breeze, hear the water splash and birds sing and breathe deeply - we renewed our souls today in the beautiful outdoors!

Sunday, March 11, 2018


Happenings Friday...

Afternoon Friday walk with the pup and both kids. It was quite warm so it was a short walk. Gorgeous day out in the sunshine! Talking, walking, laughing, enjoying.
Rusty our pup got warm too so we headed back.

Pig Time! Her indoor play pen area...
She's got dog toys, a stone to scratch against and once a day we put in her busy box with hidden treats for her to find. She's been wearing her harness a few times a day to get used to we'll start getting her used to the leash as well to walk her.

Friday also consisted of some learning, schooling, crafting, playing...
along with animal chores, house chores and a family movie night.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Outdoor Wild Wednesday

Wednesday's have turned into our weekly hiking day although usually we end up hiking, biking or heading outdoors several times per week to enjoy nature and not just on Wednesday's. Today was no different. We explored further on a new trail we had only seen the beginning of a few weeks prior and did a little over 3 miles today.

But the biggest reward of the hike was finding a stream and trees at the other side of the dam at the end of our hike before we turned around to head home. We could only imagine what it would look like come Spring/Summer when everything is green. Even in the winter it was still beautiful. This area is one of our favorite spots - the kids love the rocky areas to climb and its so gorgeous peering out to the lake waters below. The rocks and colors are amazing. We stop and stand quietly listening to birds, the wind swaying through the tree's...sometimes its like its just us alone in nature. So calming.

So blessed.

Homeschooling this week...we decided to do a few 'kits' we had laying around - 

And two more early birthday presents for our nearly 13 year old! His BIG early one was his piggie of course! But we couldn't pass these up either to give to him...

Feeling wild and free this day being out in nature.
Live slowly, breathe deeply and enjoy each moment.