Saturday, February 17, 2018

Hiking & Playing

Hello Weekend! We've been busy this week...

The weather has been cloudy and brought rain. It was Valentines this week so we got together with friends on Wednesday then had our usual park play date with other homeschoolers on Thursday. Friday we went family hiking in the morning and off to mini golf and ice cream with friends in the afternoon and this weekend we have tickets to the Planetarium. I am looking forward to a quiet Sunday and a slower pace next week. Although we've had fun this week we all enjoy quiet lazy days at home too.

Exploring, Adventuring, Hiking, Bird Watching, Bug Finding, Picture Taking, Talking, Laughing.

Piggie Play Time
 Her new toy...a rooting box or/ busy box. Newspaper shavings and hidden treat goodies. She had so much fun with it!

All tired out from so much play time!

Life lately is all about our animals, outdoors and growing relationships with our friends...and of course being together as a family.
Life is good.

Friday, February 9, 2018

This week...

We spent a lot of time outdoors again this week....but we spent a lot of time indoors bonding with the new addition as well. Romoni is doing well and bonding with our son. She finally let us pet her and loves her belly rubs. She's also gotten down the command 'go to bed' where she goes promptly goes into her crate. We're working on 'come' and after that 'sit'. She's been such a joy!

 Bike Rides & Hikes...

Lots of loving on piggie time...

Life is an adventure...every day, every week...

Sunday, February 4, 2018

New Addition & Weekending

Our son has been wanting a potbelly pig for a little while now. He's done online research all about them, read about them, watched videos, checked out library books and has essentially become an expert on all things pig. Along with that he has the biggest heart for animals and is incredibly responsible with their care and my husband and I said yes to his birthday request. He's going to be 13 next month, so for his big gift we decided yes it would be a potbelly pig baby. We were looking for one that would be ready to go home around his birthday but instead found one now. We met her and took her home and our son named her Romoni.

So this weekend was all about getting her pen ready, cleaned, shade built, a door built and getting her settled. He's over the moon about this little baby girl being all his. Its the perfect additional to our farm family here.

The baby...
 With her siblings at her old home....
 Momma and siblings...

Her pig pen area, we kept the chicken coop inside and still need to finish her shade shelter but its coming along! Its all secure and there a gate at the front that hubbie built.

Our son dug her out a mud hole. She enjoyed stomping in it and pushing around the mud with her snout and she wagged happily.

That face though...overload of cuteness. And her noises...are even better- so adorable!

Our son's new baby.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Life snippets of our week...

I find that lately I'm taking more photos wherever we go. Not with the kids posing or smiling or even knowing I'm taking them most of the time...but more for me - savoring these sweet moments to treasure forever. I love looking back on old photos and adventures. I  feel so blessed with of all this time I've had to spend with my children and see them grow since we have been homeschooling. What a beautiful life even with its ups and downs. I truly have the most precious relationship with each of my kids. I truly know them and I account that for this time we have together daily. They also have a very special close relationship not only as siblings but as friends.  I wouldn't go back and change a thing and I'm so happy that they feel the same....blessed to be together learning at home.

Another Wednesday lake adventure for exploring and hiking. (last week)
This may be from now on how our 'normal' Wednesday looks each week - outdoors!

A few of our meal recipes this week:
Vegetarian-ceviche (we make this non-vegetarian and add shrimp and serve over rice)
Chicken-piccata-with-pasta-mushrooms (sometimes we omit the chicken and just do zucchini instead for a vegetarian dish)

Sundays are always crock pot soup day during the fall and winter. Its easy to put it in before church and come home after to the house smelling great and food ready for us to eat. We also have a leftover night towards the end of the week to clean up the fridge before shopping again!

And our adventure today...
This has been a crazy busy week and an even busy day work wise being end of the month but I didn't want to miss out on nature and taking the kids out to explore on our new Wednesday tradition. 
Plus..being in nature is just as much for them as it is for me. 
It renews my soul and we all enjoy being out hiking and exploring so much together.


Monday, January 22, 2018

Fun Happenings

The Weekend....

Planetarium show
Reading time, game time
The boys cooking; our son baked dessert while hubbie make dinner.
Drive to Town
Family Movie night
1st Snowfall of this year!

Monday Adventure...

Hiking, Exploring, Photos, Fun

Beautiful weekend and a wonderful way to start our week being outdoors together.