Friday, July 13, 2018

June and now July

Where has the time gone? After finishing up the school year the first week of June we've been busy...relaxing. Kids have taken this whole summer break thing pretty seriously. We all enjoyed their Uncle coming out for a visit. We celebrated our daughter's 18th birthday and had family over. The kids spent a glorious few weeks lounging, reading, relaxing after their Uncle left. Then all of the sudden it was 4th of fire works due to fire bans but we enjoyed a barbecue. That morning hubbie and I even got out just the two of us in nature for a few hours - so relaxing and beautiful. Otherwise life's been normal- filled with everyday blessings of taking care of our animals, enjoying monsoon weather and living life together. We made a summer bucket list of fun things to do, places to go, crafts to make and our son and I are already excitedly talking about 'school' plans for next year and adventures. 

A few pics below of animals, nature, beautiful monsoon sunrises and scared of the thunder pup.

Living everyday life together.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Class of 2018....Sneak Peek

Happy Graduation to our beautiful Terynity!
We commissioned our son who loves photography to take her grad pictures today.
We wanted to get them out sooner to friends and family but the color cap and gown she wanted took a bit longer to arrive than expected. Worth the wait, the blue is beautiful on her.

A little sneak peek of some pics I took...but not the actual ones going out that our son took...Friends and family will have to wait a few weeks on those!

 Just a couple from our son's camera.....

Excited to see her soar into her future, keep being brave, keep being determined, attain her goals, live her dreams and enjoy the rest of her life.
We love this sweet girl.

Sunday, June 3, 2018


Weekending Happenings

We checked out a new trail this weekend and plan to head back out soon so our son can bring his camera. We saw birds, water life and neat water plants. A beautiful spot.

 Picked up free extra large dog igloo's too this weekend. Hubbie says they are goat-gloos!

Our sweet daughter completed her senior homeschooling year of high school on Friday.
Our son and I sneaked into town real quick to pick her out a vase of flowers and a card.
 This sweet, beautiful girl.....Class of 2018!!
Time has gone by in the blink of an eye. When they are small you think you have all the time in the world and before you know it they are turning 18 and grown.
 I wouldn't change a thing. We have spent so many wonderful days, years, moments together. Homeschooling has given us time. Given her time...time to grow, time to explore. Its given us time to be supportive, encouraging, loving. We are SO very proud of her and know her future will be great.

Working on animal pens this weekend...
 Pig Pen-

 And introducing - our new girl - - - Miss Scarlett.
She's 8 years old, mellow and so very happy go lucky.
She had a rough upbringing until her last family rescued her. She was with them for 2 years and they are now moving from their acreage and unable to bring her with them.
We have adopted her into our family and will now be her forever home. 
Who knew you could fall in love instantly with an animal - this girl has already stolen our hearts.
She swam in her pool, ate grass and weeds, let us pet her and stroke her belly. 
She nuzzled into us and is fitting in great. She is so very loving and always happily wagging her tale.
Once she settles we'll do intro's with our other pig girl too.

 Our neighbor horses came to all gather to see who the new addition was!!
 Then they kept edging closer to take a peek into the pen. So curious!
Fun family weekend - Happy Graduation to our sweet daughter. Welcome home Scarlett to your forever family!

Monday, May 28, 2018

Road trip, Lake trip, Holiday Weekend

Last weekend was road trip weekend...just a short 3 hours away to see family for our niece and nephews birthday celebration. Road trip days are favorite days whether it be an hour or several hours away. Seeing new sites, traveling, talking, laughing...enjoying each other. Although we've done this trip several times now its still a beautiful roadway in Arizona along the 40. Wildlife, cows, tree's, wide open spaces, old buildings, cabins, both desert and mountains.
 Ernie boy...getting lost laying in the weeds last week. 
Those weeds are officially gone now as we worked hard over the weekend clearing our property.

Granite Basin Lake / Info:
On free entrance Wednesday we took a trip to a new to us small lake in the mountains. It was a beautiful spot with lots of wildlife. We saw fish jump from the water, lizards, lots of different kinds of birds, dragon flies and butterflies. Picnic tables and trails surround the area and you can camp here too. We'll definitely be going back for some fishing, picnicking and hiking.

Memorial Day Weekend
Family basketball, swinging, barbecuing. Gardening, yard work and having fun.
 When dad's outside mowing and mom took your favorite blankie and put it in the go and hide under the desk.
 The wind caught his ears. Rusty boy.
 When your husband works at a lumber yard/hardware store you bring home free materials. Our yard looks like his work. But we aren't complaining! Gardening beds, animal pens, fencing...we've done a lot of work around here with free stuff!
 Garden progress...doesn't look like much yet but we got some work done-

Our mounds have our sprawling and vine plants which we got planted this weekend (watermelon, cantaloupe, pumpkins, and squash). 

The boxes we have to go get one more load to fill them then we will plant next week (herbs, carrots, radishes, kale, bell peppers and more). Then we'll pick up some flowers as well to help attract those pollinators!

 Plenty of baby holding time...
Relaxing family holiday weekend together- working and playing.