Monday, January 22, 2018

Fun Happenings

The Weekend....

Planetarium show
Reading time, game time
The boys cooking; our son baked dessert while hubbie make dinner.
Drive to Town
Family Movie night
1st Snowfall of this year!

Monday Adventure...

Hiking, Exploring, Photos, Fun

Beautiful weekend and a wonderful way to start our week being outdoors together.

Thursday, January 18, 2018


We had the most glorious day yesterday. We spent nearly the entire day outdoors and it was SO good for the soul. There's no where I'd rather be than outside in nature. We explored, hiked, talked, laughed, enjoyed and just lived! 

Wednesdays are free lake days so we ventured to two in one day. We spent all morning at one lake and hiked the rocks just the three of us. Our son took photos of the scenery and of our daughter and I snapped a few of them together. Then we ventured home for lunch. Then our son and I went back out to meet friends at a different lake in the mountains. I enjoyed time with my friends while he with his - the kids explored, hiked, walked on the dock, played volleyball, chatted and just hung out and had fun. We again went back home so I could feed the kids dinner then hubbie and I went out to do our weekly grocery shopping and tried a new little Hawaiian-Japanese spot for a dinner date as well as checked out a new organic market store. 

It was truly a blessed day among nature, family and friends.

Dinner - Poke (Ahi) over rice & Pork Mushroom Bowl
Our first time at this place so we ordered two different dishes to share and try- both SO delicious! Definitely be going there again!

Blessed, rested, rejuvenated. Pure happy day.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Our Pups

Our Pups...we turned down the thermostat in our home and all the pups seem to be cuddling more, stealing the heater and trying to stay warm. Between little electric heaters to take some cool off and electric blankets at night we've been doing good and saving propane and the house has been kept comfortable.

Rusty, 9 years
 Ernie, 5 years
 Sadie, 11 years

Next month is Ernie boys birthday on Valentines and then come the Summer the other two have their birthdays. We've had Rusty since he was 1 yr old, Ernie since he was a baby just a few months old and Sadie since she was 5, can't believe we've had dogs in our lives that long...I don't believe I could ever not have one now. They are my other babies. We definitely have our challenges with 3 of them, but love them all.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, 2018

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

It's 2018!

The year of big things! At least I feel that way...our son in a few months turns 13 and we'll no longer have 'kids' in the house and our daughter a few months after that turns 18. A teenager and an adult. How did time fly by so quickly? In the blink of an eye.

As we close an old year and move onto a new one there's always a great deal of reflection, gratitude, thankfulness and hope.
What a life! What a wonderful, sometimes crazy, blessed life we have.

We thank God for this last year, for 2017...

We've been in our new town for a little over 1 year now and it just feels like 'home'.
Blessed to still be homeschooling.
We have made wonderful friends, truly great friends.
We were able to garden and grow here.
It snowed last winter, we love the peaceful feeling that overcomes just being inside watching snowfall outdoors!
Hubbie has a really great job in a family oriented atmosphere.
I'm blessed to be able to continue to work at home while being with the kids.
We have a supportive church community and look forward to each Sunday.
Our son broke his arm but luckily there was no surgery.
Our daughters health is slowly improving.
Our kids although siblings are great friends too and have had some wonderful moments together!
We thank God even for bringing our Papa home this past year, we miss him here on earth but know we will see him again and take comfort that he is with the Lord and with his family and wife. It is a blessing he has no more suffering here on earth.
We got a new thankful for the space, the land and the future it holds.
Truly 2017 overflowed with blessings and those are what we focus on when we look back and look forward to 2018 ahead.

Happy New Year to all, may this upcoming year hold many blessings!

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Christmas Season

Christmas Around here....

Christmas season always seems so busy, we've tried to not schedule too much and keep things simple, focusing on our family, some time with friends and doing things for others.

 Our tiny potted tree
House decorating
Advent calendar bible verses
Cookie baking
Silly pups
Crafts with friends
Homeschool Christmas party
Hubbies work Christmas dinner

A few decorations and our potted tree-

 Hubbies casual work Christmas dinner
(had to have the kiddos take our picture, we hardly have any together!)
Boys baking..
and the dog hoping something drops!
Lots of cookies!

My bed WAS made this morning...until...Ernie made a nest for himself!

Crafts with friends and our homeschool group to be distributed with meals on wheels.
Advent Calendar
Instead of a chocolate paper calendar one with doors - I made a hanging one, each day has a bible verse leading up to Jesus birth/Christmas day. The kids do get one small item each day as well along with the verse.

Merry Christmas season to all, may you enjoy the precious time with your families focusing on what is truly important.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Catching Up from November

November Happenings...and Hello December!

We moved! Same town, more land. 
Baby chick born
Gorgeous Sunsets
House Plants
Life Lessons
Science Experiments 
Park days with friends
Cast off for our son

Baby chick Charlie, unfortunately he passed two weeks after.
 Photography in our field. My view from my window...finishing work while the kids were out taking photos.

 New house...loving our kitchen cabinet space!
 Dining room, office, school the view.
Hubbie built shelves. Starting to hang some photos making the house feel like home.

 We have no neighbors out the back and the best view...mountains and gorgeous sunsets.

 Zeike our daughters rabbit is now a house bunny. This old man wasn't doing so good so we want to keep him close.
 Our old girl Sadie.
Finding time for school in between all the move craziness. Our son the science lover.

Sundays we do crock pot meals! 
Quick , easy  and it cooks while we go to church and spend time as a family.
Last weeks was a hit (not vegetarian)

This weekend we spent building pallet animal pens.
That is one of the qualities I love most about my husband - his dad taught him valuable life skills, using tools, fixing cars, building things and now my husband is teaching our son.

Blessed in our new home, filled with love.