Sunday, April 22, 2018

Vacation and Home

A belated birthday trip for our now 13 year old son to see family! We spent several glorious days in San Diego. The highlight of our trip per our son was #1 kayaking on the bay, #2 playing pool with Grandpa and Uncle, #3 new bird cage at the Zoo. He tried boogie boarding for the first time and that was a no. The beach that day was crowded and overcast as well. We went to Seaworld to see the newly opened area but he was disappointed in the lack of new sea life and increase of rides. But overall it was a great trip...having fun, relaxing, seeing family and trying new things!

I agree kayaking was #1. We didn't spend too much time out due to wind and choppy water but still saw fish and seals and had a blast together on a new adventure!

 The bug house is his other favorite place at the Zoo.

Now we're back home...with our animals and family.

Our beautiful daughter...trying out some different looks with scarfs...

 With the passing of her beloved last two bunnies within a month of each other at first she said no more rabbits. But this girl has a heart for her bunnies and decided she would get a baby to love and care for.
 When sister lets brother in her room and wants to game! These two! They may have 5 years between them and be as different as can be but I love that they can still be friends and enjoy time together too!

Getting back into the groove of being home, back into our rhythm of life.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Last Week / Weekend

Happenings this last week and last weekend.........

We said a sad good-bye to our daughters last bunny- 'Buddy'. He was 8 years old and was our special needs bunny. Its sad to loose the last one after just loosing Zeike last month, but its life and they both had a full wonderful life with our daughter- both passing due to old age. They were very loved!

 Picked up another book at our library book sale...perfect for us for exploring more trails in AZ.
 On our son's actual birthday, last Friday the 23rd - I told him the day was his and he could pick anything he wanted to do, any where he wanted to go.
Agenda: Biking, Hiking, Denny's for lunch then plant shopping (2 garden stores, Home Depot and Lowes!)

Then on Saturday we did an outing with Dad for more birthday celebrating...
Flagstaff for laser tag, Sushi lunch and more plant shopping!

 Our own starters at home are just starting to sprout this of today we have 7 sprout babies!
 Wednesday we went for our usual hike - on a different trail - but we only ventured about 10 minutes in then our son spotted a snake and it was all over. Suggesting we go around he just wasn't having it. That's a non negotiable thing with him - NO SNAKES. So we left. Its getting warmer and the season will be upon us when they are out in full force which we usually stop hiking certain areas then. We will probably start biking more soon!
 One of our veggie meals this week...Roasted brussel sprouts, stuffed mini peppers, and a side of mashed potatoes with vegan gravy and some rolls.
 Pig play time! This girl has been WILD this week. Which is so great to see her spunky personality come through. She is rarely shy any more. This day she had found that the dog bed had a tag on the bottom then proceeded to run around the room with it, flipping it up and down until finally she laid down in the doggie bed! We are still loving her so very much. She's been a huge joy!

Life has been busy but we are blessed with so much time together.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

This week so far...birthday week.

This is our son's birthday week so when he asked for no book work/sit down school time I of course said okay. We are only so structured this year due to his sister trying to graduate but a week off isn't going to hurt...and she got some things done on her own anyways. Over last weekend we got seeds started indoors. We took piggie girl on her first 'walk' on leash to her outdoor pen. The mushrooms have seen yet another week of growth! And our son got to pick our hiking place for our outdoor Wednesday hike yesterday. Its been a great week so is our home school park day, and tomorrow is our son's actual birthday then we have more fun plans for the weekend.

 1 more week of growth...they are growing so quickly!
 Getting some seeds started indoors...

 Hubbie got some shelving free from work. The containers will actually go on the second shelf with some grow lights we are waiting for his work to get in this week. The whole side of our dining room under these windows will be shelving and plants until they can be put into the ground (after last frost end of April).

Since its his birthday week, he got to pick the hiking trail. He couldn't decide, so we hit up 2 trails, 2 different spots. 1st trail...

 2nd trail...

The weather couldn't be more perfect to be enjoying the outdoors on our son's 13th birthday week this week!

Friday, March 16, 2018

Animals, Books & Mushroom Growth

Thursday we ventured out of town for a day trip to an animal/sea life park with friends. We took just a few pictures of some of the animals we saw on our trip.

 Ours son's favorite of the day...

 Momma's favorite were the giraffe's - loving how up close and personal you could get with them and how curious and friendly they were! Such beautiful creatures.
 These guys below were a little too close for comfort, so we took a few steps back! They were creepy staring and bobbing their heads at us!

Our son is an avid field guide collector so when our daughter and I saw these we knew we had to buy them for him. We love library book sales! 50 cents for these beauties! He loved that they have colored pictures in them too.

Our kit is growing...1 week growth right here -