Sunday, October 22, 2017

The Last Few Weeks, Hello October

Happenings in the last few weeks- Hello Fall, Hello October!

Pumpkin patch fun with friends
Corn Maze
San Diego Vacation 
Grame's Birthday!
Airplane Flying
Zoo trip 
Saying good bye to Papa
Lab Snuggles
Sibling game fun
Learning new games
New recipes
Wildlife sightings
Broken arm

We visited Mortimer Farms with our homeschool friends and had a equipment, jumpy, zip line, picking pumpkins, corn maze, tractor ride, tons of fun!
 Strawberry picking....and eating!

San Diego Zoo trip

Fort Rosecrans looking out to San Diego over the beautiful water.
 We love you Papa, you will forever be in our hearts and missed.

 The best kind of sleepover...

Game time

New Recipe - Pumpkin Sweet Potato Bisque - 
We did swap out the greek yogurt for coconut milk instead and it turned out great!
Most our ingredients came from our local farmers at the farmers market!

Prescott Farmers Market :

The boys playing video games or our son attempting to. 
Our son broke his arm from falling off a slide at the park...he's in his temporary cast here and waiting until next weeks visit to the Pediatric Ortho specialist for his permanent one.  His agenda is to rest, elevate, and ice for the next few days. They want the swelling to go down before re x-raying it and doing something permanent.
The dogs are having such issues not being able to snuggle close and having to stay away from the arm! 

October has been a whirlwind so far...we are looking forward to the upcoming holiday months when school slows and we can focus on family and breathe a bit from all the activities!

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Falconry Class

Saturday we spent the day up in Flagstaff. It was the Flagstaff Festival of Science. We had pre registered for a Falconry class specifically for our son, a lover of all birds especially raptors.

The nearly 3 hour class was amazing and entailed: biology, history, governmental policy, cultural heritage and live demo's with the birds. 

Our son was in heaven. He's only 12 but has talked off and on through the last few years about career in working with birds whether it be at a zoo, in conservation efforts or even running a bird rescue. He soaks up any information about birds he can.

There were so many awesome classes and events offered, next year we have plans to make several trips up to join in on many more events-
Science Festival - Flagstaff

 Beautiful day for a beautiful drive to the mountains.

The group that put on the Falconry/Raptor class -
International Raptor and Falconry Center

They brought in 3 birds - Finley, Kieran and Coral. A kestrel and two Harris hawks. 
Meet the Birds

 A family project - our son wants to build some nesting boxes to help the kestrels in our area.
 Kieran and Coral

We didn't take too many photos but just enjoyed the experience, learning and seeing the beautiful birds. Our son said it was a great day and he definitely wants to explore learning more and even wants to start saving part of his allowance to donate to help the facility, and the birds.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Its Fall!

All of the sudden its fall! We've enjoyed cooler days and even cold nights. We've sat outside and enjoyed the sunshine in light sweaters this past week. We had to get our propane filled and the heater even kicked on a few nights. Each evening as the sun sets, we're getting  all the chickens in the coop as well and shutting them in. Our son commented I guess this will be our evening chore each night...until Spring comes. Yes it will. And then each morning Momma rises with the sun and opens the coop up for them. Those silly tiny bantam birds want to sleep on TOP of the coop and not go into the warmth or at least four of them each night we pick them up and move them indoors and each morning we let them out.

Along with the cold, one overnight turned to low 30's and killed off our garden. We knew the season was coming to an end and really we should have gotten things in the ground much sooner. Super sad as the cantaloupes still had some ripening to do before taking them off the vine to eat and now they are gone. Now we are all looking forward to our next Spring garden and getting things started a bit earlier. Our first trial run garden in our new place went decent and we have a list of things to do different and all the food we want to plant for next year. We decided to skip a fall/winter garden. But our new place is definitely an easier growing climate than our last. We got strawberries, sweet peppers, bell peppers, rosemary, cilantro, basil, zucchini, tomatoes and cantaloupes to grow here.

This week....

We went to our son's model airplane club's flying event at the flying field. We watched a really neat aerobatic demonstration.

We've schooled, learned, and crafted. Our daughter sewed an ocarina pouch. Momma picked up a really neat 1800's arithmetic book. We ventured to the library, walked around the park...found bugs. We played board games.

We took our son to a skate park for the first time to try out his skateboard handed down to him by his Uncle.

We said good bye to one of our bunnies and adopted him out to another 4H family.

We went to the Farmer's Market to buy yummy veggies. We cooked some of our favorite fall recipes.

Photos from our week -

 Skating for the 2nd time ever...getting better!
 First ever sewn pouch.
 Sentence scrabble provided some good laughs during school time!
 Super neat old book. Our library was having a sale on all old books. We also picked up Charles Dickens and a few others! Can't beat it for each being under $1.

 Taco Soup
2 cans kidney beans (drained)
2 cans pinto beans (drained
1 can corn (with liquid)
1 can green chilies (with liquid)
-Sometimes we do one can of black beans-
1 can diced tomatoes (with liquid)
1 package taco seasoning
8 hours- on low in the crock pot...done!
Serve with your choice of toppings; cilantro, sour cream, cheese, avocado. Eat with chips, tortillas or just as a soup.
 Stuffed Acorn Squash with Mushroom Couscous
We had a side of green beans and rolls.
Baked squash in the oven for 40 minutes at 350.
Sauteed the mushrooms with some garlic and salt and pepper in coconut oil then cooked the couscous added the mushrooms then stuffed it in the squash and put it all back into the oven for 10 more minutes.
 Roasted Fall Veggie Dish
We love this dish!
Brussel Sprouts, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, leeks with rosemary, salt and pepper and a bit of coconut oil. Into the oven in our cast iron for 350 for 45 minutes. 
We had a garlic noodle dish and salad on the side.

Good by sweet Bandit!
He went to a wonderful little family with two girls and a boy, ages 3, 8 and 9. 
The 8 year old girl will be using him for her first 4H project. 
They showed up to pick him up with a leash and harness and she told us how she had checked out every book from the library about rabbits and he'd live in her room with her. Our hearts are so happy - he will be so spoiled and loved. Exactly the kind of family we wanted for him! 

Life is good. We welcome fall and the change of seasons and look forward to winter approaching.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


First week of school! We like to set a date for the first day of a new year...although we never really stop learning so our year doesn't look much different than our summer or vacations. This year will be slightly different in that its our daughters last year. She's a senior, so our year will be more tailored to that and getting some things finished up to be able to put on her transcript. So in a sense our year will be a little more structured as well.

The kids have picked already tons to learn this year along with some things again that we need to do for our daughter. Some items between the both of them include....

Geography AZ Field trips (Explore Arizona!)
Brush up on Grammar
Solidify High School Math skills
Life Math
Computer Coding
Family Read Aloud (we're finishing up Harry Potter)
Art Journals with Quotes of the Day
Writing with the intent to write a book
Running a business 
Culinary - chemistry and just learning to cook more
Bike Riding
Hiking trips
Gardening...growing to feed our family

So our first week, last week we eased into the swing of things. We started Geography with the study of our own state, Arizona. We are planning a trip to the Grand Canyon by train.

We ordered Discovery Magazine's single issue for both kids of the Grand Canyon here:

We did the Scientific Mom's sand Grand Canyon hands on activity here, although we are still finishing it up due to some drainage issues:

We watched this short video about the canyon as well:

A few photos of geography:

Chemistry: The kids love, love Crash Course so we decided to use their Chemistry videos and supplement with books and experiments as well. So this last week we started with a few video's from them here:

Each day we do a quote of the day and write it on our white board. We take turns choosing can be something inspirational, a bible verse, something that holds meaning for you that you want to share. We post it on the board in the morning then afternoon we sit at the table and work on our Art Journal in which we use part or all of the quote and decorate with paints, or markers, or anything we want and we chat about the quote. Once done one of us reads from our Family Read Aloud book while the others finish with their journals. Right now our Read Aloud is finishing up Harry Potter.

 Our daughters books from the library this week...
And an art piece she just completed....

Other happenings...we went on a road trip/ day trip this last weekend for some family time to see cousins. We've been heading to the Farmers Market every Saturday morning to put money into our local farms and community and get yummy fresh, organic eats.

And this is from today...after learning, spending time soaking up the sun, chatting. Couldn't let the moment pass me by without a quick picture.
Felt SO blessed. Yes they are siblings, but they are also friends.

 Blessed to be homeschooling yet another year. Looking forward to seeing them grow, learn and develop. Love their spirits, their souls and who they are. Cherishing every moment each and every day with them.