Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Moving In and Simple Joys

We started moving in over this past weekend and have run into quite a few challenges! No electricity and no heat. We were able to get the electricity to the kitchen and to the master bath as well as my daughter’s closet but nowhere else…hubbie handyman attempted to trouble shoot but it looks like it’s up to an electrician at this point! One night of working in the dark, holding a flashlight to change out an outlet then running extension cords to power a light and sleeping with no heat (wasn’t too bad it’s not quite winter!). 

It’s funny, just when you think things are going all wrong….I completely felt so happy and blessed. Day 1 of our move, we spot two neighbor kids on horseback 3 dogs running alongside and 2 other kids walking with them. I’ve never seen my two children run so fast getting on their socks and shoes and racing down the street to say hi and meet new friends. They immediately got acquainted and trotted off around the dirt block with the kids, horses and dogs.  And that’s when I smiled and really thought; things are going to be great! Just wish I had my camera to take a picture of them all prancing down the street, such a happy sight.

Another simple joy, when I awoke the first morning, hearing the rooster crow, I caught a glimpse of the sun coming up.

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The house may be old and tiny, the land may be dirt right now, but my family is happy and all together and that’s what really counts.

Count your blessings each and every day.

Friday, October 15, 2010

I’d love to keep this blog as a diary of many pictures, thoughts and stories, chronicling our challenges, goals, triumphs, failures and hard work to make our dreams a reality –one step at a time.  So, follow our family of four as we embark on life unchartered!

The What, Why, How, When, Where, and everything else…

This is about our family moving out of the big city to a smaller town and then yet taking it a step farther to moving from a small town to a rural one and wanting to pursue the simple life of living off the land, providing as much for ourselves as we can- growing our fruits and vegetables, livestock, building our own home, using solar energy, learning about homesteading and pioneering life and incorporating it in these modern times.  We want to teach our children the value of life, love, god, family and hard work. 

We will make this happen through trial and error, lots of reading and research and enlisting help and advice of others.

Our journey begins soon as we will be moving in a few weeks and making a to-do list and taking it one step at a time! It’s not going to happen overnight and it’s going to take a lot of hard work and perseverance.

Where is this going to happen!?  On our 1 ½ acre of land, and our old tiny, 3 bedroom 1,050 square foot fixer upper house we will make these dreams come true.

We are ready to see where this adventure takes us… Here’s a few pics of our land..

Take a look at part of our backyard…not much but in time it will be something amazing!

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View of the dirt road and our front gate and fence that needs work…

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We do have neighbors but we’re pretty far spread out. And yes, I’m going to attempt in the warm months to use that clothes line!

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