Monday, August 14, 2017

May, June, July....

Our summer has slipped away! We've been having fun and living life. Momma hasn't even been snapping very many photos. But lots has been happening and now all of the sudden August is upon us and the start of a brand new school year is beginning next month as well. We're going to have a 7th grader and a 12th grader this coming year and we're excited for what this new year will bring.

Summer adventures and happenings...

Boy Scouts
Camping Trips
California vacations
Daughters 17th birthday
Garden Growing
Weed Mowing
Hiking, Biking
Park with Friends
Lunches with other Mommas
Music playing
Library trips
Buying books for our year

And so much more...

Some photos from our last few months...

Our daughter turned 17

Minecraft building, Library book sale....our daughter got her first 'Harry Potter' box subscription in the mail.

Monsoon season...rains turning everything gorgeous green!

Garden is growing (this was in June/July..and its nearly doubled since then!)
Just a couple of our plants...

Our beautiful daughter-

Life is good. Summer has been great and we only have adventure and family time awaiting us in the following year ahead!

Monday, May 1, 2017


This month we've...

Celebrated Easter Sunday
Human Society Equine Tour with Homeschool
Learned about horses and horse care
Homeschool park days with friends
Boy Scouts
Prepping the garden
Outdoor time
Hiking & Exploring
Writing, drawing
Desk cleaning
Family game nights
Baby ducks at the feed store
Raising baby birds
Learned about WW1, Watched War Horse
Explored science; plants, flowers, bees

and much much more....

Soaking up every moment of this blessed life. Enjoying, adventuring.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Life in March

March has come and gone and its already April, we keep asking where are these months going!? But we are soaking up each one, enjoying each day, keeping busy with life, activities, friends and schooling.

This month we've....

Taken a trip to California
visited the ocean
celebrated our son's 12th birthday
Our daughter cut her hair short!
Father/Son went on a Boy Scout camp out
Chicken watched
Saw baby chicks...didn't buy any!
Started yard work for our garden
 Surprised our son with the Penguin tour at Seaworld (bday present)
Dove into foreign languages in school
Worked on Penguin dioramas 
Park play with homeschool friends weekly
Enjoyed quiet Sundays 
Family game night Mondays

Life is Good. We are blessed!

Family time, fun time, birthday time....March was great!