Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Scootering and Prayers Answered

What a wonderful weekend last weekend was- beautiful weather, got to spend outside time with the kids and enjoy it and enjoy their company. We spent Saturday supporting our 4H group, stopping by their horse competition to check it out then left and went to the park for the rest of the day so our son could ride his new b-day scooter.

I pray everyday. I pursue to connect with my children on a deep level every time I spend time with them- not only to make memories that will last forever but to build that lasting deep relationship. I had such a wonderful connection moment with my daughter as we spent over an hour just talking on a park bench that day. I feel truly blessed. I love my children. It was a GREAT day.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

San Diego Birthday

Quick post...last weekend we took a little vaca to San Diego to see family for our son's 7th birthday (which is really tomorrow!) We headed to the park, the zoo, to see the family and then the rain came and we spent a few days indoors just playing too! I can not believe my baby is 7!

Jordan was the 'camera' man at the zoo!
 Always got to see the polar bears- one of Jordan's fav's!
 My cuties!
 Ready to party with the family!
 Counting the money he got in his new Lego Star Wars wallet.
 He was so proud he decorated the cake all by himself!

It was a fun weekend to see family and get to celebrate with them!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Boys Birthday's, Veggie 'Chicken' & Kids Baking

I love birthday months! Well, and so do my kids of course- our son is turning 7 next week. We are headed out of town this weekend to see family for little party #1 then coming home to have little party #2 on his real birthday.

I love my son!
Jordan is one of a kind and so very special and yes all mom's think that is their kid- and its true :) He is a kid that never has a list for his birthday or christmas- is happy with anything, everything or nothing. You'd think he was shy until he opens up to you- then this singing, break-dancing incredibly smart little boy uncovers. He doesn't like new situations, new people or being the center of attention. He does best when he knows what's happening next. He loves animals and always makes sure his best doggie friend Rusty is taken care of. He loves his sister more than anything and always willing to give her half of whatever he has or give her a turn when its really his turn. He is kind-hearted. He may be 7 but sometimes I swear he's 17- smart and all grown up. He loves Star Wars and anything Lego's so that's the b-day theme he picked.

A few things I am working on for the party....a b-day banner, a star wars pillow (present) and star wars sticks for the brownies...

In our meatless journey we have splurged and let the kids have chicken nuggets a few times- I've been on the lookout for a good 'veggie' substitute that I can make. Over the weekend I tried a stuffing/spinach 'chicken' nugget- but you can use any veggie really and any shape- Balls seemed the easiest- then served with ketchup just like nuggets- they were a hit! Super easy, quick and 15 min to bake and they were done! Served with some mac n cheese and apples and it was a great meatless kids meal!

Although usually it is our son who wants to help cook and is always in the kitchen, our daughter decided to make 'french toast' cupcakes for a treat and let her brother help mix too!

It was nice to see them working hard together! As I snapped pics and supervised! :)

Friday, March 2, 2012

Basketball Pics, Family Breakfast & Greens n beans

It's Friday!! Couldn't come soon enough- this has felt like the longest week!

The kids had basketball picture day- so excited my son and hubbie got their pic taken together and it looked really good- I can't wait to get them back and frame them! I took a few right before the game..

Family Breakfast last Sunday: Chocolate muffins, Blueberry muffins, fruit smoothies and oatmeal!

Dinner of Collard Greens & Beans, mashed potatoes and Jerusalem artichokes. 
 Grilled Eggplant/Mushroom Sandwiches

Every morning the two 'buddies' snuggling!! Melts my heart.

Saturday was perfect weather, we had the best day together, taking the dogs and kids to the park, walking around, playing baseball and just relaxing together- it was a perfect day!!