Saturday, April 30, 2016

Busy Fun

We've been busy.....I've forgotten at times to stop and slow down. To stop and capture moments. We've had some slow moments in between to enjoy the river, the fresh air, life and the beauty that surrounds us. But we've also been busy with activities, end of the year wrap up between schooling and extracurricular fun. We look ahead to next week...dances practice, dance recital, scouts, our son wrapping up the school year, making plans for summer fun learning, trips, vacations, birthdays, reading and more. Life is good.

Life is good, God is good. Thankful for every moment.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Last Month's Birthday

Finally got a few birthday photo's and wanted to save the memories here....
Last month our son turned 11. During our out of town trip he wanted to go to Seaworld and have brownies for his birthday party at his Grame and Grandpa's house. A great few days celebrating and spending time with family. Can't believe this sweet, big hearted, funny, smart kid is 11 now!

Blessed to be his momma.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Our Scout

A big night for our son at his pack meeting. He is officially a Boy Scout and earned the remainder of his Webelos awards and his Arrow of Light. We couldn't be more proud of this guy! He worked hard, stepped out of his comfort zone and is growing into such an amazing young man. Feeling so blessed right now to be surrounded by such wonderful other families and kids and so thankful for such a wonderful and patient, loving and understanding leader he was blessed with to help him grow.

Congrats to my buddy for all his hard work!

Sunday, April 3, 2016

The last few weeks...

Its been a bit! We spent a nice long weekend out of town for our son's 11th Birthday with family. We ventured to Seaworld and the Lego Store and played at the park a few times too. Much needed and enjoyed trip to see family.

We recouped the week after our trip. The kids took it as more 'spring break' time. We relaxed, Momma worked extra. We still had scouts and young women's, ballet, all the normal activities. Last week we resumed schooling, learning and chatted about Summer quickly approaching. We've decided this Summer we will continue our 'schooling'/learning and kick in some fun science experiments that we've been wanting to do. We'll also dive into the Presidential Elections as well.

The weather has been gorgeous every day. Our son has been riding his bike to get the mail each day. He spent a few days cooking....blueberry muffins and helping to put a crock pot soup together for dinner. Our daughter modeled some new clothing she had gotten. She also performed with her dance group at the Rodeo in town. Easter came and went and we spent it celebrating the Lord together just the four of us, at home with a quiet day and quiet dinner. A few items for the kids and reading about why we celebrate this special day.

 Prepping soup...cutting up potato's.
 Baked by our son.
 Sweet Sadie enjoying the beautiful weather.
 Two of the Silkie girls thinking they can share a nest.

 All dolled up to perform at the Rodeo. My beautiful girl.