Friday, July 29, 2016

This month....

Especially when moving or getting moved or getting settled it seems time goes by even quicker. Realizing we haven't posted pictures since the beginning of July I thought I'd unload a few here in this space to share of our July adventures...

Since the 4th of July we have....

*Celebrated a belated Fathers day with a family Movie afternoon: Warcraft & dinner after
*We should buy stock at home depot...because we've bought materials for:
A chicken coop enclosure, a rabbit area and garden boxes (and all have yet to be built due to vaca and rain)
*Road trip to San Diego traveling a different route for the first time
*Saw sand dunes for the first time! 
*Look out point
*Did our usual road trip fun and pointed out all the 'strange things' we could find!
*Celebrated in San Diego for Papa's birthday
*Seaworld trip
*Ocean Trip
*Rain off and on once getting home- thunder/lighting
*Our daughter found a family art project she wanted us to do- we all made happy cards to be distributed to hospital patients
*Hair cuts for everyone! Momma, Jordan and Terynity
*Went to our first homeschool park day with our new group!
 *Got our YMCA passes and went swimming!

August is just around the corner....

It is the start of a brand new homeschool year. Start of a new dance studio for our daughter, a new scout troop for our son. We look to getting everything 'built' this coming month. We also look forward to exploring the area more and getting outdoors and doing some hiking. We are loving our new home town.


Sunday, July 3, 2016


We knew when we moved we'd be adventuring, hiking and in the outdoors even more. Today we ventured to a new to us lake. There are several lakes close in the area, and this was the 3rd one we've gone to so far. Each is different and we're excited to try out all the hiking trails, fishing, go picnicking and just relaxing. Today we visited Goldwater Lake. Only 10 minutes outside of Prescott, it is close and gorgeous and nestled in the pine trees. For a moment it brought me back to Idaho. Those tree's! We see some more trips here in our future for sure....

A little info on the lake:  Goldwater Lake

Beautiful family day adventuring.