Tuesday, September 29, 2015

First Day - - School Time

Its funny to say we 'officially' started school. Schooling, learning never really 'begins' or 'ends' but still each year we establish a start and end date...usually in September right after our county fair and going through till right before our daughter's birthday in June. So yesterday was it, the start, the beginning, the first day of homeschool. This is our 5th full year! It has been such a blessing being at home with my two children.

Our first day was easy going, doing animal chores, sitting down together at the table discussing what was to come for the week, where the kids interests were and what they would like to do. Also talks of our upcoming trip next week and what they would like to do and learn on it.

Our son has a first day tradition of blowing up a volcano in the yard. So his priority was doing that.  Our daughter worked on her 4H record book nearly completing it then working on her Japanese. Then they both watched some videos on volcano's as well as some crafting/science video's on how to make a volcano in a bottle, which our son made right after seeing it as well s some other in-bottle ideas. A good morning together. We schooled till lunch, ate together, watched an animal video then they had some free time in the afternoon while momma worked and dad went to go on a few errands in town.

 Our daughter learning Japanese from a free site here - - http://yesjapan.com/
 Simple baking soda and vinegar outdoor volcano!

 Attempting to put the cap on which has a hole in it so it would explode better!

Water, Vegetable Oil, Food Coloring then add the Salt - photo is after when its all settled- but first when you add it, its pretty cool- other people were using effervescent tablets which seemed to have a bigger effect than the salt!

Great first day spent together. So incredibly blessed!

Sunday, September 27, 2015


A beautiful weekend...
A few of the things we did...

>Visited the Nursery and looked at plants
>B-day Shopping for Grame
>Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Treat
>Big 5 checking out Hiking Boots
>Animal Cage Cleaning
>House tidying 
>Home made Shepherds Pie
>Planning Sewing projects
>Planning exploding a volcano next week
>School Supply Shopping
>Costume fun 
>Family Movie Night - Cinderella
>Being lazy...napping, resting, pups sleeping too!

 Love sweet family time.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Outdoor morning...momma and son

Our son and I escaped this morning just the two of us for a few hours. A little time outdoors at the river. We explored, took pictures, talked, laughed and he swam a bit too...oh and we played a bit of football...more like tossing it back and forth and missing it a lot and laughing about it! A much needed break from being indoors the last few days. Although we are all exhausted from our fair week last week we still needed a bit of time outside to enjoy the fresh air.

Nature, fresh air, exploring, playing....best way to spend a morning.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Last Day of Fair

Its been a whirlwind the last 4 days...but our family loves every minute of it. Supporting our own 4h kids, the other kids in our club and just all the kids in our county- each year I have nothing but admiration for these hard working kids. People outside of 4h some times have no idea what goes in to raising an animal and being a part of this amazing program. It has done so much for the growth of our children, as people, members of their communities, their clubs. Beaming proud momma watching all the kids in our county in the 'Parade of Champions' last night. A few pics from our last 4 days....Our daughter shows in 4H our son shows his animals in Open- next year he'll be a full fledged 4H member and showing his animals in the show ring with his sister....

 These kids have my heart. 
I love the love and care they show from their animals.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Fair Time

The week has been busy - Our Monday and Tuesday was filled with prepping for Fair and today doing our drop off and decorating with friends and fellow club members. The kids made posters and info papers on their animals and we got everyone settled into their cages today. For the rest of the week till we go home Sunday eve it will be all about Fair! Our daughter brought 1 rabbit for 4H, 2 rabbits for open, 1 cavy for open and our son brought 2 pigeons for open and 2 chickens for open. Its a light year in comparison to what we've brought in the past! We wish family was here to enjoy the week with us but we're happy to take photo's to show them and skype with them this weekend as well.

Fair time..fun time..family time..friend time.

Saturday, September 12, 2015


Today was filled with getting up early to go to 4H fair clean up day, then picking up lunch and heading out to our storage units to get one cleared out. Its amazing how time goes by so fast, escapes you...next month, October it will be a year since we stored a lot of our belongings in these storage units and made the long drive to move out of state to Idaho. A year ago. It does not truly seem like it.

 Big plans to clear them out as soon as we came back slowly became not realistic as summer quickly came upon us and the heat proved too much to be in a hot stuffy storage unit! Today though we successfully got out of one of them, now we only have 1 left. Progress. The last few days I've been baking...kids have requested muffins...so blueberry one day and chocolate chip the other. Hubbie had his last day of his temp job so we are all thankful to have him home again...the kids were missing him much! I also had a bit of time Friday for some more 'making'...this time some home made tinted moisturizer/concealer. Loving homemade and looking forward to doing more of it.

Used above on my face from the site link below...the home made tinted moisturizer with the home made powder dusted over it too...

Hope your Saturday was blessed and filled with joy and happiness, relaxation and fun.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

The last few days....

The last few days...
 Happenings around here: 

Meals shared together
Grocery Shopping
Plotting the garden
Running errands
Beautiful Sun Sets
Family Game night
Boys playing games
4H Rabbit Study
Reading about Solar Power
Music playing
Homemade deodorant - checked off the Sept to-make list!

Again- used this recipe - homemade-deodorant-for-sensitive-skin
Turned out great!! Smells wonderful...and keeps my skin feeling soft and it WORKS!! 

Hope this week thus far has found you happy and content spending time with those you love.

Monday, September 7, 2015

September Goals for Homesteading & Home making

A week late...posting for the 1st of September but here I am. I've started a little hand written journal. Sometimes I really prefer writing lists, letters and so forth by hand rather than on the computer. So I've started a journal for homesteading and home making. I've noticed the last 6 months or so I've gotten away from things I hold very dear that are important to me and I've started a journal as a way to get back to those things. Each month I'm writing down what things pertaining to homesteading and home making I'd like to do. They may be with the season, gardening, making, baking, DIY and so forth. So here's my September journal notes so far....

Homesteading and Home making

>>Get back to baking weekly
This month's baking goals...Pancakes, Banana Bread, Chocolate Chip Muffins, Tortilla's

>>Kids in the Kitchen more often!
To make an effort to have the kids in the kitchen more..again something we stopped that I'm looking forward to starting again- whether that be them helping to bake, cook dinner or be responsible for cooking a whole meal for the family too!

>>DIY Home made toothpaste
(I used to make our own all the time but got away from it when we moved. Not sure why- it truly is quick and easy!)

>>DIY Home made deodorant
Something I've always wanted to try...going to follow this recipe here:

>>Begin an Egg Production monthly tally with our Son
Record eggs daily...A little bit for school and just to really see how many eggs we are getting. Our son suggested graphing as well! Love that kid.
 We made our own similar to this one:

 >>Purchase Straw Bales and prep them
This year we're going to do some straw bale gardening for the first time!
Looking at following this method:

>>Put together a Gardening Binder/Journal
Self explanatory- kids will help as we grow to track the plants- our son said he wants to even measure weekly, record pest problems so that we will have notes for the following year.

Sunday, September 6, 2015


Weekending...especially with hubbie working these last three weeks or so we truly just look forward to the weekend when there is no work for him and it slows down for me and we're able to get some projects under way and spend time together as a family. Being a holiday weekend we try and stay at home instead of heading out with the crowds to the river or lake. So here's a little of what we've been up to this weekend,

>Mowing the dogs yard
>Silly chickens cackling at the mower and taking dirt baths
>Garden Planning over Pancakes for breakfast
       Still the kids fav recipe that I make ....  http://www.theppk.com/2011/12/puffy-pillow-pancakes/
>Afternoon of the boys playing games together and us girls getting a few episodes of a show in...just relaxing, laying around, hanging out.
>An early evening visit from a friend - so blessed to be delivered yummy brussel sprouts!!
>Dinner was so tasty - Spaghetti squash from another friend, home grown from her garden...topped with some garlic shrimp with herbs.  

>Momma got up early to feed pups and head outside to pull weeds. Some progress made, a little cleared space! Its a start!
>Enough home made pancakes yesterday to give the kiddos them again for breakfast this morning!
>Chore time..Animal Cage cleaning (me and the kids)...guinea pigs, chickens, rabbits. Whew! While hubbie vacuumed inside.
>Home made Banana Bread made for breakfast the next few days..
(we do use partial whole wheat in this recipe!)
>Quiet afternoon...boys playing, daughter reading, momma baking.
>Dinner tonight...Zucchini-herb-casserole
     Except we opt for Brown Rice, less cheese and sometimes we put in mushrooms too!

Blessings to you and your families this holiday weekend.