Tuesday, September 29, 2015

First Day - - School Time

Its funny to say we 'officially' started school. Schooling, learning never really 'begins' or 'ends' but still each year we establish a start and end date...usually in September right after our county fair and going through till right before our daughter's birthday in June. So yesterday was it, the start, the beginning, the first day of homeschool. This is our 5th full year! It has been such a blessing being at home with my two children.

Our first day was easy going, doing animal chores, sitting down together at the table discussing what was to come for the week, where the kids interests were and what they would like to do. Also talks of our upcoming trip next week and what they would like to do and learn on it.

Our son has a first day tradition of blowing up a volcano in the yard. So his priority was doing that.  Our daughter worked on her 4H record book nearly completing it then working on her Japanese. Then they both watched some videos on volcano's as well as some crafting/science video's on how to make a volcano in a bottle, which our son made right after seeing it as well s some other in-bottle ideas. A good morning together. We schooled till lunch, ate together, watched an animal video then they had some free time in the afternoon while momma worked and dad went to go on a few errands in town.

 Our daughter learning Japanese from a free site here - - http://yesjapan.com/
 Simple baking soda and vinegar outdoor volcano!

 Attempting to put the cap on which has a hole in it so it would explode better!

Water, Vegetable Oil, Food Coloring then add the Salt - photo is after when its all settled- but first when you add it, its pretty cool- other people were using effervescent tablets which seemed to have a bigger effect than the salt!

Great first day spent together. So incredibly blessed!

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