Sunday, September 20, 2015

Last Day of Fair

Its been a whirlwind the last 4 days...but our family loves every minute of it. Supporting our own 4h kids, the other kids in our club and just all the kids in our county- each year I have nothing but admiration for these hard working kids. People outside of 4h some times have no idea what goes in to raising an animal and being a part of this amazing program. It has done so much for the growth of our children, as people, members of their communities, their clubs. Beaming proud momma watching all the kids in our county in the 'Parade of Champions' last night. A few pics from our last 4 days....Our daughter shows in 4H our son shows his animals in Open- next year he'll be a full fledged 4H member and showing his animals in the show ring with his sister....

 These kids have my heart. 
I love the love and care they show from their animals.

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