Monday, September 7, 2015

September Goals for Homesteading & Home making

A week late...posting for the 1st of September but here I am. I've started a little hand written journal. Sometimes I really prefer writing lists, letters and so forth by hand rather than on the computer. So I've started a journal for homesteading and home making. I've noticed the last 6 months or so I've gotten away from things I hold very dear that are important to me and I've started a journal as a way to get back to those things. Each month I'm writing down what things pertaining to homesteading and home making I'd like to do. They may be with the season, gardening, making, baking, DIY and so forth. So here's my September journal notes so far....

Homesteading and Home making

>>Get back to baking weekly
This month's baking goals...Pancakes, Banana Bread, Chocolate Chip Muffins, Tortilla's

>>Kids in the Kitchen more often!
To make an effort to have the kids in the kitchen more..again something we stopped that I'm looking forward to starting again- whether that be them helping to bake, cook dinner or be responsible for cooking a whole meal for the family too!

>>DIY Home made toothpaste
(I used to make our own all the time but got away from it when we moved. Not sure why- it truly is quick and easy!)

>>DIY Home made deodorant
Something I've always wanted to try...going to follow this recipe here:

>>Begin an Egg Production monthly tally with our Son
Record eggs daily...A little bit for school and just to really see how many eggs we are getting. Our son suggested graphing as well! Love that kid.
 We made our own similar to this one:

 >>Purchase Straw Bales and prep them
This year we're going to do some straw bale gardening for the first time!
Looking at following this method:

>>Put together a Gardening Binder/Journal
Self explanatory- kids will help as we grow to track the plants- our son said he wants to even measure weekly, record pest problems so that we will have notes for the following year.

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