Thursday, August 25, 2016

Zoo Day

Yesterday we ventured out to a homeschool field trip at the Humane Society and learned about their facility, animals and the care and services they provide. Then we ventured to the zoo. Our first trip to the zoo in our new town to get our year membership so that we can participate in their monthly home school zoo classes! We didn't venture around the entire zoo but stayed a bit to see what they had. It was a fun experience as we've only been to our hometown San Diego zoo previously!

A couple pics from our afternoon...

Fun day!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Day Trip - Road Trip

Family impromptu road trip yesterday to Phoenix. Our daughter needed some different ballet flat shoes so we ventured an hour and a half from us to the big city to look at a few stores. Its nice to do a day trip road trip. Sight see, stop along the way. We have a few others in mind we'd like to do as well....Flagstaff and Jerome to name two. Probably venture in the next few weeks and month. Some hiking spots, sight seeing spots. Today Sunday we rest, staying home, working in the yard, soaking up some quiet family time before another week begins and brings activities and schooling.

Happy Weekend All!

Monday, August 8, 2016

First week of August!

We can not believe its already August! We've been moved for a little over a month now and settling in. August is a big month with activities starting (ballet and scouts) and field trips with our new homeschool group. We are getting settled into a schooling routine as well. Although we never stop learning we started carving some specific time out, dedicated time to pursuing interests, learning and growing and exploring around here this month.

First week...With our son we started reviewing math from last year, exploring world war 2, brushing up on spelling and writing and diving in to reading. We love the change we've seen in our son...staying up till 11pm because he can't put a book down. Yeah I'm not going to say no to that!

Our daughter has been continuing her GED prep program, studying the Japanese language/and writing as well as reading and working on her art/drawing.

It was also our 17th wedding anniversary and we celebrated with a family hiking day then a family meal out. The most beautiful day to be spent outdoors. A little sun, a little clouds, breeze and gorgeous.

We've had rain off and on...
 Explored more libraries...
For History we utilized Minecraft Education site for WW2 shelter activity here:
And also read about them here:
and here:
We also viewed several youtube videos and our beloved crash course guys for US History.

Our son's Anderson shelter seen below, in and out:

 Hike time in Prescott:

Beautiful family day, Happy 1st week of August!!