Sunday, April 27, 2014


Slow Sunday soaking it in....Sleeping in...eventually eating breakfast...Momma reading the bible to two sleepy kids laying out on the couches...plenty of snuggling..then finally dressing because the animals were getting restless and needed to be fed as well.

After animal chores our daughter went to write chapter 2 of a story she's working on...and our son and I went to clean up and clear the weeds from the animal graves out back. After cleaning he's talking about God and asking how we know God is with our animals and family taking care of them..we look over and beneath the shady tree- the sun was shining through in just one spot and he exclaimed Look Mom God IS with them- the light was only shining on the Cross...amazing feeling! Warmth inside and on a perfect day that we all needed that reminder as I read my husbands family posting about their mother, his sister, my children's aunt, remembering her passing a year ago. It gives much comfort knowing that she is taken care of in heaven with God. 

Weekending also brings each day of us on duck watch...Momma duck finally aborted her 2nd nest and only has one nest and now has 6 eggs..she began sitting on them a bit today, so we await to see how many total she will lay. Spring is an exciting time with much anticipation of new life and birth. The cactus in the front also began spouting beautiful flowers and the tree's all are getting fuller with their green shaded leaves. Its a beautiful time.

Seeing beauty in our ordinary weekend at home.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Busy Long Week

Monday...Monday is when I posted last, wrote last, visited here last. Its been a busy week, crazy week, going-going-going week with early mornings, full days and late nights...not the kind of weeks I enjoy but life happens and every once in a while a completely jam packed week happens.  Dad's been extra tired and going strong from long work shifts, Momma too has had more work projects this week...Kids have had not only a normal 4H meeting but a 4H class held until late one night getting these usually in bed at 8pm kids, in bed at 11pm by the time we arrived home, they had a small snack and got changed and settled yes, its been a long week. Of course the week has also been filled with 'school', learning, exploring, walks, reading, piano lessons, art and play.

This Saturday morning has brought late sleepers...even for Momma who just got up- and its 6:30am- our daughter lays on the couch quietly reading..our son still sleeps sound in bed...and smells and looks like rain. Not a high chance in the forecast but the temperature is cooler and we could certainly use that.

Yesterday morning this Momma was up incredibly early to go surprise sleeping babes with a special treat...donuts...and some coffee for Momma since we ran out and had plans to shop that day. Best little donuts shop in town and incredibly comparable to our favorite spot back home in Cali.

Some of the things we did this incredibly busy week.....
Cleaned animal pens...happy pigeons..

 Lots and lots of creative art...coloring, cutting, drawing, designing game cards...

 Costume Designing..

 More Leopard Gecko studies...reading...

 Our son loves math 'story' books...

 One of our daughters new choice of study this week...
 Our daughters fun reading choices...
 Finding a new online game and drawing characters....
It's been a fun filled week...spending time with friends, learning new things, getting household and animal work done and playing and being creative.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Duck Eggs & Petsmart Field Trip...Gecko Study

Spring is in full this past week our chickens egg laying has picked up, the pigeons laid eggs and the ducks finally began laying. Last year duck laying came mid-March, this year we are entering the end of April and we finally got her first two eggs in the little nest below she we await and see how many more before she decides to sit for the 28 days it takes to hatch them out. Its so exciting...we had thought about incubation but its much more exciting, anticipating, watching her, seeing her carefully adjusting and moving and turning those precious eggs. So watch we will, perhaps another year we'll try incubation.

School time brought our daughter working hard on her cavy demonstration for 4H and immersing herself in another Japanese lesson and our son doing a bit of math then researching Leopard Gecko's thinking he may want to do the Reptile project for 4H next year....after lunch we decided why not print out a few information papers from Petsmart here - and then take a mini field trip and go to Petsmart to view the Gecko's in person and price out all of the items. Our son put his list on his clipboard and we all ventured to Petsmart. He worked on estimation, we talked about tax on items, sister helped point out good prices on products and we all grossed out over crickets and worms. It was a fun trip.

Later in the day brought some football play outdoors until the heat finally coaxed us inside...then quiet reading on the couches, watching "River Monsters" and the kids helping with dinner and dog feeding.

 A blessed day spent together. Now off to bed, ending the day with reading from the Guardians of Gahoole, prayers, hugs and kisses and sweet dreams.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Animal Easter Fun Photo's

Just and I had an afternoon of fun setting up an animal easter photo shoot with a couple of the rabbits and two of the guinea pigs..

Love each and every one of these guys!

Celebrating Easter

A quiet morning, reflecting, praising, praying, being together.


He is risen, let your heart rejoice!

When times are difficult this following song always resonates with just remember to not carry things on my own but to pray, to trust, to have faith, to rely on God in all times, good and hard.

Let everyone have a day of praise for all of our wonderful blessings!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Egg Coloring & Day Trip for Momma

Being that we don't eat we don't buy eggs...well let me change that- the kids eat our own chicken's eggs maybe once a week if that (because we want to reduce our animal protein intake as much as possible and stay mainly vegetarian)- so anyways, not wanting to support buying eggs- our daughter found some 'plastic' eggs for coloring- they worked decent- had to sit a bit longer in the dye but still colored decently and the kids had fun- Friday brought Momma going out of town for a day trip for work and the kids got to enjoy their Aunt and Uncle and sweet baby cousin- a much needed day as they had been talking about seeing their cousin for many months now and got to dye eggs with her as well. Much fun ending to their week!

Into the weekend we come...a friends birthday, animals pens to be cleaned out, relaxing, fun to be had...spending it together.

Friday, April 18, 2014

{this moment}

{this moment}
A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. If you're inspired to do the same, leave a link to your 'moment' in the comments for all to find and see.

Linking to Soule Mama

If only this picture had SOUND....hubbie got out, we were sitting relaxing, talking and then in the midst of quiet for a moment we heard two little voices- not talking but singing...our daughter was singing while our son was tapping out the 'drums' and humming the background music. I love when they are together, enjoying each other.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Projects & Family Lake Day

While daddy slept in on his day off, we got to work on some projects...our daughter on a new art project and our son lately enjoying immensely using dad's tools, using his drill to make a 'hanging bug log home'. Then together Easter cards were made for family.

The afternoon, after lunch, after packing up brought a quick trip to Home Depot to price out coop-building supplies then a family trip to the lake with dad. Another beautiful, gorgeous day in the sun...not too hot, not to cold, the water temp was a little warmer...we put up our umbrella, blew up the tubes, laid out, played and relaxed. Not very many people there it was almost as if we had the whole beach to ourselves!

Lovely perfect weather day spending time together.