Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A Week gone By - Crafting, Reading, Fishing

I can finally say that this week is starting out feeling normal once again! Hubbie is feeling well, the kids are feeling well, everyone is healthy, happy and rested from illnesses. Last Friday we even ventured with friends to the park, had an outing to the library. Over the weekend we worked hard on animal chores- divided one of our large chicken pens in two making room for other birds and started to spring clean/deep clean the house. Yesterday on dad's day off we enjoyed a lazy day, raking in the yard, watching a movie, cooking dinner together, daddy showing his son how to clean a pistol and teaching him about the cleaning materials/brushes then playing video games with his daughter in the eve while this momma caught up on some computer work. There is nothing better than hearing happy children's voices enjoying time spent with their daddy- his days off are much cherished around this house! Today, this morning we set off to go fishing, explore, enjoy the sun, the beautiful day together, have a picnic lunch then prep the house and materials for 4H meeting in our home tonight with friends.

Over last weekend...we made cinnamon muffins for breakfast, our daughter found a bow tutorial and crafted and our son and I started his bug books and explored the yard then he played outdoors while this momma enjoyed the sunshine, reading two books checked out from the library.

 Sheep/Goats...someday...but for now just reading.

 Today...some studies before heading out to fish.
 Happy chickens.

 Perfect fishing weather.

Happy Spring beautiful week to ALL! Hope it finds you outdoors exploring and soaking up that sunshine!

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