Monday, April 21, 2014

Duck Eggs & Petsmart Field Trip...Gecko Study

Spring is in full this past week our chickens egg laying has picked up, the pigeons laid eggs and the ducks finally began laying. Last year duck laying came mid-March, this year we are entering the end of April and we finally got her first two eggs in the little nest below she we await and see how many more before she decides to sit for the 28 days it takes to hatch them out. Its so exciting...we had thought about incubation but its much more exciting, anticipating, watching her, seeing her carefully adjusting and moving and turning those precious eggs. So watch we will, perhaps another year we'll try incubation.

School time brought our daughter working hard on her cavy demonstration for 4H and immersing herself in another Japanese lesson and our son doing a bit of math then researching Leopard Gecko's thinking he may want to do the Reptile project for 4H next year....after lunch we decided why not print out a few information papers from Petsmart here - and then take a mini field trip and go to Petsmart to view the Gecko's in person and price out all of the items. Our son put his list on his clipboard and we all ventured to Petsmart. He worked on estimation, we talked about tax on items, sister helped point out good prices on products and we all grossed out over crickets and worms. It was a fun trip.

Later in the day brought some football play outdoors until the heat finally coaxed us inside...then quiet reading on the couches, watching "River Monsters" and the kids helping with dinner and dog feeding.

 A blessed day spent together. Now off to bed, ending the day with reading from the Guardians of Gahoole, prayers, hugs and kisses and sweet dreams.

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