Saturday, April 12, 2014

Laying Hens & Lake Time

Upon our usual morning rounds outdoors, feeding, watering, holding, caring for, cleaning up after...our son found two little surprises from our 4 month old hens...eggs! The first eggs they've laid since we got them as new little day old chicklets. Being their very first eggs, they are slightly smaller than a regular bantam egg but will get bigger- our son laid out previously saved and blown out- Regular size chicken egg, regular sized bantam egg and then both of these first eggs to compare the sizes...
 After hard work of chores were done and all the animals were happy, momma caught up on some computer work while the kids both read books and patiently waited to go on our afternoon adventure...a picnic trip to the lake. Thinking the water would be warmer than the river we were next month it should be a little more comfortable. At this point for our daughter and I up to our knee's was quite far enough..but our son doesn't seem to have a temperature gauge and was fine up into his belly with no complaints! We ate lunch, sunbathed, played in the sand, talked, played frisbee and catch with the football. It was a wonderful afternoon and only missing one thing..daddy- he messaged to say let's go again on Tuesday on his day off- Perfect- that sounds like a wonderful plan!

 And this momma who lately has little time to read and is missing it dove into "Growing A Farmer"..a light read with farm humor about choosing a tractor, thinking you are going to cut down 8 acres of weeds by hand, big dreams and living off the land, growing your own food and starting a small business. Light, funny and inspirational.
Into the weekend we come...typing this the sun is rising as the children are sleeping and I'm enjoying a steaming hot cup of coffee and enjoying the quiet of the house...the crow of the roosters and the soft nuzzling of a pup at my feet.

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