Thursday, April 3, 2014

This Week - Almost wrapping the Year up!

While there's been a lot of laying around on the couch this week, there's been much interests and learning going on too. In researching and reading online this morning, early with my cup of coffee, getting in those few sweet quiet moments before starting my work, I ran across one mom's blog and in reading a typical day for her it touched to my heart- so similar as ours- interest-led. Read about her day here: Eclectic Parent- Unschooling. There are about a million ways to homeschool- no one does it the same- because let's face it we are all different and our kids are all different but it truly makes me smile to connect with those with similar styles and on the same token it is just as wonderful to pick up idea's and concepts from those who are completely opposite. Be open, open minded, open hearted to everything and everyone- you never know what you may learn.

Hubbie now sick from what germs the kids were breathing into the air and me feeling on the edge once again with headaches and body aches the couch seemed like the best place to be other than bed the last few days.
We did get outdoors to sit in the sun every morning this week. We did yesterday afternoon when it looked like rain work hard, covering, tarping tools, animals making sure everything was prepared. 

Here's whats been happening the last few days...

Check out a new Science site we came across...E is for Explore - Thaumatropes
The kids are wanting next week to venture into the Solar Energy Balloon Blow Up and Root Beer Science (I personally think they just want to eat it!) Fun stuff- love when we come across new websites and the kids just devour them asking me to book mark everything and asking what can we do first, what can we make NOW!

Watching documentaries on Netflix and searching out neat video's on you tube...

Dive into The Blue Hole in Belize

Nat Geo: Owls The Silent Killers

Our son also decided to have me help him on writing and spelling this week...we reviewed math...our daughter started writing a novel and finished up reading three books, we all talked about the year going by so very quickly, what we've learned, what adventures we've been on, anything we feel we need to finish up, do the next few months to wrap our year up...thoughts on next year already coming up- thoughts on summer definitely we are excited for. Our learning never truly stops- vacation, summer time or not. 

Life is an amazing adventure.

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