Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Lunar Eclipse & Dance-Sing-Piano Time

Studying eclipses quite some time ago we had previously bookmarked the link for NASA and marked the dates on our calendars for this years Lunar and Solar Eclipses, nearly forgetting to check what time it would be happening tonight we were happy to get a reminder email from Grandpa. Night came and about 11:45pm Momma went to go wake the two kids- our daughter mumbled not getting up- too tired...our son promptly got on his robe and said let's go...he used my camera and took a picture although with not a great camera and the moon so very far away all we got was a bright circle in the midst of dark black background but he was still very happy to capture the moment. We watched for a few minutes then he laid on the couch asking me to wake him when the whole thing was red/orange...waking him he exclaimed 'Wow'- he said it was much better in person that the pictures in his books or the video's we saw online then he said he wanted to return to bed. Yes- what an experience- his first time viewing a Lunar eclipse.
Our son's photo-

Picture below taken from video here: footage-of-rare-blood-moon - Weather.com

In the eve before the eclipse excitement, we spent the time with home made pizza and a movie - Happy Feet 2...afterwards we all danced, sang loudly and our son and I replayed a song from the movie below and found the keys on the piano, playing along with the music as our daughter sang and laughed.

And then our son ripped out the dance moves to the ending song...and it became too much for our daughter exclaiming 'you guys' as she giggled even more! Its fun just to let loose, dance, sing, be crazy happy together!

An end to a great day- singing, dancing and sharing in a wonderful new experience seeing the lunar eclipse.

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