Sunday, December 28, 2014

Our Winter Wonderland

Sharing with our family and far away friends our winter wonderland...the first 'big' snow of the year so far here. We got -my hubbie estimates about 5-6 inches- usually it barely dusts the ground then the rain comes and washes it away. Yesterday into last night and even today still it continues snowing- its beautiful, more than words can express how bright and pretty white everything is here. So packed in fact that we were unable to get out for church this morning and a fellow kind church go-er came to our rescue taking us to and from church today so that we didn't miss service. This afternoon my son and I worked to clear the car so that we may travel to another church families home for dinner this eve. Hubbie will probably have to break some of the ice out from under the tires but then we should be set to go. Even with the extra work of clearing the car or road it still is gorgeous- and well worth the work to live in it here. Perhaps that's just the newness talking of never having lived in the snow too long but we are sure loving it at this point and I hope our appreciation of its glorious beauty continues in many years to come...sharing some winter wonderland pictures...

We are feeling very blessed and thankful for the opportunity to see this kind of beauty every day outside our front door.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Eagle Watching Trip

Finally the day came for our bird-boy to see the bald eagles - The week long event when the wildlife and fish/game rangers are posted with scopes and information about the eagles has started today, of course you can see the eagles migrate through for several months. Our son got binoculars from Grame and Grandpa and a camera from Momma and Dad specifically for his love of bird watching. So he was truly excited to go out and view them and capture some as well. Heavy snow and fog made it a little hard to view but we have plans to come again on a more clear day to see them again before they finish traveling through the area. What a sight these beautiful birds are. Flying over the water, perching on tree's above. Simply gorgeous. Our son played photographer today, so all the eagle photo's captured below are from him. After our eagle watch we had a family lunch and ventured to Cabela's for the first time for hubbie...definitely a fun place we'll have to come back to...tons of neat fishing, camping supplies and more! A great family day out.

 Cabela's pic's especially for Grandpa, we're definitely going to have to take him here when he visits!

 Snowed just 'slightly' today! WOW it has not snowed this much since we've moved here. Amazing.

Nature is beautiful.

Day After Christmas...

Day after Christmas fun...playing around with new gifts...relaxing at home in the morning then off for a shopping afternoon for our daughter to choose some material for sewing projects she has in mind. A beautiful drive as always as the sun peeked in and out of the clouds and the mountains shone with snow dusted on their tops. Gorgeous. Our daughter, excited to get a scarf from one of her best friends in the mail. Even though she's made new friends, she misses dearly the friends she has left. Warm heart felt packages make it a bit easier. She also choose a few gifts for her friends while out shopping for herself to brighten their day as well.

On a roll with cooking more healthy full of veggie meals and eating at home more, after the move we just had to get back into our rhythm and we've finally found it. Two squash recipes in one week...sharing our Pesto Spaghetti Squash recipe 
We made slight changes - spinach instead of kale and a 1 1/2 cups of mushrooms- yumm. Also opted out of the red pepper flakes for the children who don't like spicy. 

 Side of red garlic oven roasted potatoes and garlic toast.

Let the spirit of Christmas carry with you throughout the year.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve

Traditions change as life changes but some things still stay the same....our Christmas Eve plans include a 'dinner' of snack items...crackers and cheese, veggies, dips, cookies, olives, pickles that sort of thing...a small early present for the kids to open before bed...Christmas movies, warm cider, fire in the calls with family, bedtime prayers and Momma and Daddy getting a few quiet moments before playing Santa. An enjoyable eve that would be only sweeter if family were with us.
Our son, learning a song to share with the family tomorrow...Joy to the World. My boys playing video games and my girl engulfed in a book as I bake my mother's recipe for wine cake, a Christmas morning breakfast tradition. The house smells of cinnamon and wood burning- oh so good. Much love to all of our friends and family this holiday season.

Merry Christmas to all, and the best wishes for this New Year. May your families be blessed.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas Spirit

As Christmas nears our family was feeling a bit swayed in a non Christmas spirit way...not being with family, our decorations, stockings in storage still from our move out of state. But we are reminded through Church, new friends, the story of Christmas told in song at a Church event, a breakfast with 'Santa' with welcoming families and a family outing last eve to the Nutcracker for the first time for the children that Christmas is here...whether or not we have stockings or decorations this is a time for celebration. A time to reflect, to be thankful to take notice of our blessings and to remember our Savior. It is a glorious time of year- no matter where you are at, with family or away, no matter how you feel, down or happy, no matter if you have a tree and stockings or not- we are showing our children we don't need much - we just need to have Christ in our hearts this holiday.

Sharing our favorite song...the kids just love the piano guys! Angels we have Heard on High.

May you feel the Lords blessings this holiday season and be thankful for all he has given us.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Dinner & Drive

The weekend was pretty quiet...Saturday we took a trip to the library in town, a few new books, a few free downloaded music songs for the kids, a little shopping trip to pick up Momma a pair of short black heeled-boots for church and an afternoon visit from the Missionaries and a couple husband and wife from the church as well. We enjoyed the afternoon with company then some yummy roasted veggies and pasta for dinner. We finished the day off with letting the kids stay up late for a family movie. Sunday, today, brought church- our first time since our move. Met with welcoming and open hearts it was a wonderful feeling..a close knit community feeling, a family feeling. A little bit of leftovers for lunch, a Skype call with out-of-town family and then a drive up to the Lake for some sight-seeing. What beauty. I've been saying that and thinking that since we moved. I continually can't get over the glorious beauty that surrounds us here. Today was no exception. Unbelievable. The quiet...the way the water was so still and reflecting the sky. The trees, rocks and branches reflecting in the water as well. Oh the glorious tree's. The kids had fun exploring, skipping rocks...we all daydreamed about summer time when we would make plans to come fishing, swimming and camping. Yes, my heart says we were definitely brought here for a reason, for a purpose. Between a wonderful session in church, a chat with family so close to our hearts and the bountiful beauty we saw today- Yes we are blessed.

Sharing our Roasted Veggie Dish & Herb Pasta Side
Sweet Potatoes, Brussels Sprouts, Mushrooms and Leeks...In the pan we melted butter (not real butter- we used Earth Balance) and bacon bits (yeah you're supposed to use real bacon!)...added veggies after 5 minutes and added some salt, pepper and rosemary, mixed/made sure everything was coated and put it in the oven at 350 for 45 minutes. So good! Pasta as a side with some butter and rosemary as well.

 Sunday drive to Priest Lake...first to a trail leading to a picnic/bbq/swim area then to another picnic ground.

Pretty sure I'm beginning to really understand why so many people refer to the area as 'Gods Country'. Amazing.