Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Family Dinner

Yumm too good not to share our family dinner tonight! We've finally gotten back on track since our move to meal planning, eating healthy and finding great recipes. In our last weekends travel we picked up some great goodies at the Asian market- I've been eating Miso soup practically every day. So tonight we made Sinigang (Filipino soup dish)  with mixed seafood, tons of greens, eggplant and more. Some brown rice under it- warm goodness in your belly. Our daughter also found a Japanese dessert to make - Dango (Japanese sweet dumplings). Recipe: Dango 
Its a joy when everyone gets in the kitchen and helps- the kids worked on the dessert together while we cooked the meal. Our basic recipe: Sinigang- We omit the pork and use seafood or just veggies, no tomatoes and extra types of veggies always, plus a couple potatoes!


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