Sunday, December 7, 2014

Snow Play & Shopping Day

Our week ended with more snow coming and then by the weekend rain came too. Beautifully the snow dusted all the tree's before finally the day after the rain washed it all away. We all played out side in the snow and let the dogs play outside in it. Two of our three pups were more excited than our poor little Jack Russel mix, Rusty who was just cold. The other two ate the snow, bounced around and chased each other in the snow as we ran with them. Hubbie thought he'd be funny and hop on our kids sled and get our son to encourage the dogs to pull him, which they didn't but they thought it was quite amusing seeing hubbie on the sled and just bounced all around him, barking, play bowing and getting excited! Our daughter not wanting to join the crazy shenanigans watched from the warmth of the house through the window laughing. Our son and I took a snowy walk to 'look for things' as he says. He pulled on tree branches and made it 'snow'...pulled off icicles and ate them...followed tracks around...sled a bit down a little hill and had me pull him all over the yard in the sled too- a good work out! Yesterday, Saturday we headed into Spokane, a good hour from us. We had only traveled there once. We went shopping for the day in town for church clothes, had a family lunch, stopped at an Asian market to pick up a few things and admire the interesting array of items the store stocked and then traveled back home by dinner time. A beautiful day spent together. 

The bridge above crossing over the water into WA state...gorgeous tree and snow lined shores.

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