Sunday, May 27, 2012

School is DONE time for FUN!

That's it! We're all done for the year! Onto our wonderful summer, detoxing from regular school and heading to home school. Week in review: Class parties at the community pool, pizza party, year book signings and fun field days then saying good bye to a few great teachers and getting phone numbers to stay in contact with friends! It was a good end of the year week and both kids had fun!

Our family took a Lake Trip to relax for the day and there's going to be plenty of these kinds of trips this summer! Snacks, raft time, relax time, sun time- FUN time!!

This weekend...our daughter went to a birthday sleepover and our son is recouping on the couch- he's caught a cold. It's been a cooler weekend so we've tackled some yard work and house work while the kids rest up!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Playing Blog Catch Up! Life just happend...

A no blogging stint going on here! I don't know what happened...oh yes I do...crazy life! Just when you think things are calm and settled..boom!

Catch up...
School is coming to an week is the last week for the kids and we are over joyed- they are finally coming back home to home school!!

I've been busy trying to re work my schedule and land some admin work from home so I don't have to be out of the house and CAN school them. It's coming along. I was pretty stressed out for a few weeks and now things seem to be falling together. I've been meditating, talking with family & friends and praying on it. I just have to be patient and I know God has an amazing plan for our family.

We've still been going to the library weekly. The kids can't seem to get enough, well and neither can I- but I really have to limit how many books I get. I have the best intentions and never get around to every book I pick out! We have been getting everything from books to books on CD, and videos too.

I'm reading:
I would highly recommend One Thousand Gifts, 'A Dare to Live fully, right where you are' by Ann Voskamp- I'm nearly half way through and just loving it. I cried the first whole chapter and here and there throughout the book- it is emotional, spiritual, so deep. The other two I saw recommends on another blog- I can't wait to read them!
Our 7yr old son is reading:
Charlotte's Web is our family reading book- I read it to the kids and they were both interested in the Spanish/English dictionary- guess I'd better brush up on my Spanish so I know what they are saying...I see a foreign language in our schooling future!
Our 11yr old daughter is reading: Theme?? American Girl of course!
We picked up our wonderful basket this weekend- and what a blessing- everything was items the kids love and will eat:
Hubbie and his Dad have been working hard for weeks to get hard wood floors installed in our home- the front room is finally finished and painted, they did fantastic work!
Mother's Day didn't go un-noticed! I feel very loved, my son first thing when he woke up came and hugged me telling me Happy Mother's day and excitedly got a card from his backpack, giving it to me- hand made from school. Hubbie also gave me a card and lovely flowers.
 A few vegan meals for the week:  Pasta with Asparagus, Tomatoes and Zucchini and Artichokes
 Hubbie made awesome Vegan Shepard's Pie w/Vegan 'meat' crumbles

I finally got some organization going on...weekend project to organize the craft supplies to be easily accessible to the kids- with the exception of two 'Ask Mom' drawers that have the paints and other need supervision things (mainly for the 7yr old!).  The kids love it!
Last but not least....a few pup pics- Rusty with the new Cavy- giving her kisses- and Sadie loving on her new bear toy!

This week should be eventful with the kids both having pool parties and end of the year classroom parties, year book signing days and a lot of fun saying good bye to school! Then its all FUN...a few weeks later we head to Cali for our daughters 12th birthday! We are looking forward to what the summer will bring!