Saturday, October 29, 2016

Good Bye October!

A month has flown by. Its been a crazy month to say the least. Hubbies brother here at the start of the month, a trip to California to see family after that. Then a week worth of tooth pain, dental visits and procedures for momma. And finally here we are at the end of the month.

We finally started back to school last week after a huge 1 month long hiatus! Beauty of homeschooling...we go with the flow. And our flow got seriously crazy this month. We are definitely looking forward to November and getting settled back into a routine of schooling, learning, living, weekly library trips and homeschooling park days, activities and just getting a little normal back.

October schooling has brought life learning on our trips, and once at home we have drove into learning about space and our planets, government and elections, progressed in math, and spent time reading and writing.

A few pics from our Cali trip....a little Seaworld, a day at Old Town, a birthday celebration for Grame and a lot of visiting and enjoying our family....

And back home...

Looking forward to settling into FALL and November....

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Fishing & Boating & Rain

Friday was the last day of vacation here for our kids uncle, hubbies brother. So I dropped the two off early morning at the lake for some fishing. Then the kids and I met up with them for lunch and so our son could take a ride on the boat out onto the lake. Some early morning fog, then sunshine and lastly a bit of rain and clouds! Still a gorgeous day. We said good by to him Saturday and have spent the weekend relaxing low key around the house, catching up on chores and work. Next week we are Cali bound to see family.

Lake time, fishing time.