Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Quick River Trip

When the weather is gorgeous - - then you should be out in it! Once animal chores were done we were all ready to dive into school then lunch then more school but our son had different plans. Plans to head down to the river, creature hunt, play in the sand, stick toes in the water. Yes. Say YES when you can. And we went!

Our daughter a bit under the weather stayed home so just my boy and I ventured out just for an hour and oh was his idea a great one. He ran up and down the river beach. I sat with my toes in the warm sand listening to the water, breathing in the air. Just what was needed. We saw birds, a crayfish, raccoon tracks in the sand. And...once we got home all those to do's, things we were going to do...they got done still. Now the house is are reading, and listening to music and I'm off to work for a bit before an evening out at Scouts and Young Women's.

Another blessed and beautiful day.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Family Hike Day

Beautifully gorgeous weather beckoned us to be outdoors this weekend! 80 degree's and a slight breeze made for a perfect hiking day. Originally we had plans to venture back to Grapevine Canyon but instead we decided to take a new trail in Lake Havasu City we had never been on.

"Crack in the Mountain"
Hiking Info / Map :

We saw several lizards, birds and big horn sheep as well off in the distance. The kids both thoroughly enjoyed the rock climbing aspect of this hike! It was a great family day.

 Big Horned Sheep...right in the center although we were pretty far away..
 I spy a lizard in the center of the photo...

Blessed with a beautiful day.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Pinewood Derby

Cub Scout evening for our son. A big night - dinner, awards and the pinewood derby. His first one. He was super excited and had been working hard on his car with his dad for the last few weeks. So much fun was had. We have a great group of boys and families and are so blessed.

Our boy earned his Webelos badge, a ton of pins, a special pin and patch for the derby and got his new Boy Scout book. He was super proud and we were too, he worked hard to complete them in a short time. And he super stepped out of his comfort zone to get up in front of everyone to accept his awards and pin the mother's pin on me. Love my sweet boy.

 A great family evening supporting the scouts.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Fishing Trip

Saturdays we try and spend some time out, outdoors if possible, an outing, an adventure, some family fun.  Just as Sundays we try and spend the day in, at our home, together, working on chores, caring for animals, having quiet time, cooking and prepping for the week to come.

Yesterday we ventured to go fishing and work on some of our son's wild life cub scouts activities. The boys fished. Our daughter read quietly, immersed in a ballet book.  Momma took pictures, took in the fresh air, and warm sun, hung out with our daughter and searched for wild life with our son. It was a good day. The weather could not have been more beautiful. 85 degree's, slight breeze, not too hot nor too cold, clear gorgeous skies above and tons of wild life to observe. Beautiful.

God is Good.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Week Happenings

This week we've schooled, relaxed, enjoyed the most beautiful weather we've seen in a while and soaked it up by bike riding, taking walks and just being outdoors, we've had our activities of dance, cub scouts and young women at church, family game night, and are looking forward to this weekend.

Today, Friday the park and library, and tonight a family movie night. Tomorrow plans include to relax and work on a few cub scout outdoor items while we fish and look for wild life.

My boys...

Daddy son time.