Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Quick River Trip

When the weather is gorgeous - - then you should be out in it! Once animal chores were done we were all ready to dive into school then lunch then more school but our son had different plans. Plans to head down to the river, creature hunt, play in the sand, stick toes in the water. Yes. Say YES when you can. And we went!

Our daughter a bit under the weather stayed home so just my boy and I ventured out just for an hour and oh was his idea a great one. He ran up and down the river beach. I sat with my toes in the warm sand listening to the water, breathing in the air. Just what was needed. We saw birds, a crayfish, raccoon tracks in the sand. And...once we got home all those to do's, things we were going to do...they got done still. Now the house is are reading, and listening to music and I'm off to work for a bit before an evening out at Scouts and Young Women's.

Another blessed and beautiful day.

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