Thursday, December 4, 2014

A Slow Week

The week has been slow-moving, relaxing which is nice sometimes. Everyone has been sleepy, sleeping in, taking the day one step at a time. Its been quiet around here. Schooling is thriving in our daily rhythm now that we've begun to feel settled in our new home. Our library trips are on two days to two different libraries and give us an abundant resource of schooling books, fun books and new stories. This week our load included books on cooking, bread making, parkour, eagles, worms, animal tracks, Pokemon, Benjamin Franklin, Jamestown and a few others. Can you see where we're headed this week in our studies and fun? A little bit of everything. On our trips out the kids have been taking turns cleaning the outside of the car of the ice and snow build up. A daily duty they aren't used to but are getting used to. The different aspects of living in an actual winter. Blessed today to be heading to a neighbors birthday for dinner with their family, the feel of the town and people within it continue to be welcoming and warm.

Blessed for this slow week with the family at home.

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