Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas Spirit

As Christmas nears our family was feeling a bit swayed in a non Christmas spirit way...not being with family, our decorations, stockings in storage still from our move out of state. But we are reminded through Church, new friends, the story of Christmas told in song at a Church event, a breakfast with 'Santa' with welcoming families and a family outing last eve to the Nutcracker for the first time for the children that Christmas is here...whether or not we have stockings or decorations this is a time for celebration. A time to reflect, to be thankful to take notice of our blessings and to remember our Savior. It is a glorious time of year- no matter where you are at, with family or away, no matter how you feel, down or happy, no matter if you have a tree and stockings or not- we are showing our children we don't need much - we just need to have Christ in our hearts this holiday.

Sharing our favorite song...the kids just love the piano guys! Angels we have Heard on High.

May you feel the Lords blessings this holiday season and be thankful for all he has given us.

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