Sunday, December 14, 2014

Dinner & Drive

The weekend was pretty quiet...Saturday we took a trip to the library in town, a few new books, a few free downloaded music songs for the kids, a little shopping trip to pick up Momma a pair of short black heeled-boots for church and an afternoon visit from the Missionaries and a couple husband and wife from the church as well. We enjoyed the afternoon with company then some yummy roasted veggies and pasta for dinner. We finished the day off with letting the kids stay up late for a family movie. Sunday, today, brought church- our first time since our move. Met with welcoming and open hearts it was a wonderful feeling..a close knit community feeling, a family feeling. A little bit of leftovers for lunch, a Skype call with out-of-town family and then a drive up to the Lake for some sight-seeing. What beauty. I've been saying that and thinking that since we moved. I continually can't get over the glorious beauty that surrounds us here. Today was no exception. Unbelievable. The quiet...the way the water was so still and reflecting the sky. The trees, rocks and branches reflecting in the water as well. Oh the glorious tree's. The kids had fun exploring, skipping rocks...we all daydreamed about summer time when we would make plans to come fishing, swimming and camping. Yes, my heart says we were definitely brought here for a reason, for a purpose. Between a wonderful session in church, a chat with family so close to our hearts and the bountiful beauty we saw today- Yes we are blessed.

Sharing our Roasted Veggie Dish & Herb Pasta Side
Sweet Potatoes, Brussels Sprouts, Mushrooms and Leeks...In the pan we melted butter (not real butter- we used Earth Balance) and bacon bits (yeah you're supposed to use real bacon!)...added veggies after 5 minutes and added some salt, pepper and rosemary, mixed/made sure everything was coated and put it in the oven at 350 for 45 minutes. So good! Pasta as a side with some butter and rosemary as well.

 Sunday drive to Priest Lake...first to a trail leading to a picnic/bbq/swim area then to another picnic ground.

Pretty sure I'm beginning to really understand why so many people refer to the area as 'Gods Country'. Amazing.

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