Sunday, December 28, 2014

Our Winter Wonderland

Sharing with our family and far away friends our winter wonderland...the first 'big' snow of the year so far here. We got -my hubbie estimates about 5-6 inches- usually it barely dusts the ground then the rain comes and washes it away. Yesterday into last night and even today still it continues snowing- its beautiful, more than words can express how bright and pretty white everything is here. So packed in fact that we were unable to get out for church this morning and a fellow kind church go-er came to our rescue taking us to and from church today so that we didn't miss service. This afternoon my son and I worked to clear the car so that we may travel to another church families home for dinner this eve. Hubbie will probably have to break some of the ice out from under the tires but then we should be set to go. Even with the extra work of clearing the car or road it still is gorgeous- and well worth the work to live in it here. Perhaps that's just the newness talking of never having lived in the snow too long but we are sure loving it at this point and I hope our appreciation of its glorious beauty continues in many years to come...sharing some winter wonderland pictures...

We are feeling very blessed and thankful for the opportunity to see this kind of beauty every day outside our front door.

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