Saturday, January 3, 2015

A Quiet New's to 2015

Christmas came and went and we had a wonderful weekend after with a shopping trip for our daughter and eagle watching for our son- New Years week was slow, purposefully, a lot of time being at home, quiet, together. We went to a church potluck on New Years Eve and home to watch movies till midnight with the kids- just us four. It was pleasant and nice. New Years Eve my daughter and I made sugar cookies together- her favorite and my son and I made chocolate chip- his favorite. Then hubbie got the baking bite as well and spent the  next few days cooking...Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip cookies, home made Vegan Tamales with refried black beans, and banana nut bread. This man can cook, and it was all good stuff! We also tried a new recipe last week of Shrimp Jambalaya too- spicy enough for us adults but not too spicy for kids. The dogs have gotten plenty of outside time- they enjoy seeing me pull our son on the sled while they chase behind gets them rather excited. We had some special time with our big girl Sadie today, just us and her in the yard without the other two pups- she enjoyed eating the snow, running and playing. She's the best listener of them all, the boys just can't be trusted :) But we love them just the same. After our pup play we ventured into Newport, WA, check out the library there for the first time, walk along the main street in town in and out of shops then pick up a few things from the grocery store and headed home. And onto a quiet eve of dinner and a movie and maybe a couple of board games or two before heading to church tomorrow and back into our schedule of school and work on Monday.

One of my goals for the new to really manage my time better. I try my best, every day, every month, each year between homeschooling and working more than full time and home life but at times I feel I come up short. My priority is my children, homeschooling. I'm going to try my best not to let work or a dirty home crowd my precious time with them. So, we begin January with some excellent idea's for schooling, field trips and interests for the kids. I'm excited too, its a new start!

 Sharing our Vegan Jambalaya recipe:
Our slight changes - We did not use Seitan or or Vegan Sausage - we substituted Shrimp (because we do partake in seafood every once in a while)
We also used 2 cups of Veggie Broth and did cook our rice on the side.

 Our first 'tiny' snow man that Jordie named 'Bob'. He said it had to be a 3 letter name- that kid!

And onto the new year together, excited for all the possibilities the new year holds.

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