Friday, January 16, 2015

Snow Play & Deer

Snow filled play engulfed our our son has the start of an ice barricade going on and I hand shoveled most of our drive. All I could think was that I really didn't have to have done my work out video that morning because shoveling was a work out itself! First un buried the car then shoveled the drive or most of it. Our daughter came out to say hello to the neighbors dog who was busy watching our son and then eating snow, a few quick pets to the pup and we encouraged him to go on home. Then we all left the house to go to the library and then on a small drive with the family up into a neighborhood area we had seen close by on the maps that had several homes for sale. Being it had just snowed yesterday the tree's were heavily covered and luckily the roads were pretty clear. We saw several groups of deer on our drive. Frolicking looking like they were prancing and playing together. Their tails wagging as they ran. What a fun sight. A quick glimpse on my camera before they took off.

Blending in so well...beautiful deer amongst the tree's and snow.

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