Thursday, January 8, 2015

Buried in Snow & New Recipes

We've been free of snow for about 4 days now....we were blessed on Monday to have a member of the church send over a friend to plow our road, if not it wasn't likely we would have made it out. The snow got so heavy on our roof, it all came sliding off in a loud bang one afternoon...its nearly as tall as our 9yr old! Amazing how much snow there is. Today, after having a bit of rain after the snowfall then a bit of sun its seeming to be just a lot of ice and less snow-like. We saw deer in the daytime in our yard for the first time today. My son and I ran to grab our camera's - it was the dogs that noticed them first from our back door- of course they tried to shoo them away with loud barks, but the deer didn't budge. We went outside slowly, and lifted our camera's but right before any pictures snaped they ran behind the tree's. Gorgeous creatures- a female and male roaming around the tree's that circle our yard. The week's been filled with 4H, schooling, learning, library trips, grocery shopping and even some snowy park play. Its been a good week.

New Dishes for the week -
We had Kelp Noodle Stir Fry with yummy Kelp noodles we found in the vegan section at the store near by. Great for something different and tasted good too!
And a take on Fried Rice for our side dish with the stir fry- Recipe here:
I've always wanted to try it and we finally did- not as much work as I thought and the taste was so yummy! We ate it all!
Looking forward to ending the week and enjoying the weekend ahead!

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