Friday, January 23, 2015

Creative Morning

Yesterday when talking about what we wanted to do for the day in learning...everyone was on the page for something creative...our daughter looked up tutorials and worked on her sewing. Our son and I baked blueberry muffins- he only needed my help for sitting them in the oven otherwise he made them himself..and then went to learn a few new songs on the piano. Momma played piano too and looked up some crafting/sewing tutorials online as well. We listened to music, chatted about our creative interests and had a relaxing morning together.

 A photo taken by our son..since hubbie and I don't have that many photo's of ourselves!
Thankful for Friday...because it brings the weekend tomorrow. This momma is looking forward to sleeping in, and getting a break from a busy work week to clean house and have a family outing too.

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