Saturday, December 27, 2014

Eagle Watching Trip

Finally the day came for our bird-boy to see the bald eagles - The week long event when the wildlife and fish/game rangers are posted with scopes and information about the eagles has started today, of course you can see the eagles migrate through for several months. Our son got binoculars from Grame and Grandpa and a camera from Momma and Dad specifically for his love of bird watching. So he was truly excited to go out and view them and capture some as well. Heavy snow and fog made it a little hard to view but we have plans to come again on a more clear day to see them again before they finish traveling through the area. What a sight these beautiful birds are. Flying over the water, perching on tree's above. Simply gorgeous. Our son played photographer today, so all the eagle photo's captured below are from him. After our eagle watch we had a family lunch and ventured to Cabela's for the first time for hubbie...definitely a fun place we'll have to come back to...tons of neat fishing, camping supplies and more! A great family day out.

 Cabela's pic's especially for Grandpa, we're definitely going to have to take him here when he visits!

 Snowed just 'slightly' today! WOW it has not snowed this much since we've moved here. Amazing.

Nature is beautiful.

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