Thursday, April 10, 2014

Outdoor Schooling - Catch up Wednesday

Wednesdays are always an going back to going back to our somewhat normal schooling routine..I also take more time off on Mondays and Tuesdays from work so that we can all be together as a family so there's much to catch up on by Wednesday. But that's the beauty of homeschooling and working from home- the flexibility- we make our own schedules. Kids were up really early - the baby roosters who are now nearly grown are crowing quite proficiently now- so every morning- even before the sun comes up there they go- an alarm going off and its noisy. 6 roo's outside in the yard in pens- yeah I'm sure our neighbors none of which have chickens much less roosters just love us to death! But we love them. One little boy even surprised us by jumping up on top of the chicken nesting house which just so happens to be an old doll house and claiming that as her crowing perch- quite comical as this is the tiniest guy of the bunch (they are all bantams). Enough about the chickens....after our morning animal chore ritual our daughter got caught up on her voice lessons she takes online and her Japanese lessons. Our son and I read about Bugs and building Bug Houses then we decided to go on a 'field' trip before diving into a science experiment we found. So we let Sis finish her lessons, she packed up her conversational Japanese book and he packed a bag complete with nature study book, pencils, magnify glass, bug box, bug book, gloves, tweezers, baggies- all prepared to hunt out some buggies. We ventured to the river- it was the most beautiful day. We sat on a blanket, feet in the sand, in the cool water- we read, we talked, we played.

 Getting home we ate lunch together then went back to E is for Explore website - solar-energy-balloon-blow-up experiment. We have been studying all types of electricity and power this year and so we pulled out our How Things Work book and read about Solar Power once again before doing this experiment.
 After reading about a 'Bug Box' that was partly made by bamboo shoots- he collected some at the river and brought them home to cut and use in his project.

 More bug reading...this one had some very interesting and disgusting facts. The kids both were saying 'eww' multiple times...

 The afternoon wrapped up with our daughter laying in bed immersed in a book while I gave our son a piano lesson from my old beginner books as a child. Even though he can play by ear he has made the decision that he wants to know how to read music that is what we've been doing for about a week so far- a lesson a day. He is doing well- he is very patient, a good listener and smart....I'm a proud momma.

 A beautiful day- outdoors and indoors getting caught up on this Wednesday!

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