Sunday, April 27, 2014


Slow Sunday soaking it in....Sleeping in...eventually eating breakfast...Momma reading the bible to two sleepy kids laying out on the couches...plenty of snuggling..then finally dressing because the animals were getting restless and needed to be fed as well.

After animal chores our daughter went to write chapter 2 of a story she's working on...and our son and I went to clean up and clear the weeds from the animal graves out back. After cleaning he's talking about God and asking how we know God is with our animals and family taking care of them..we look over and beneath the shady tree- the sun was shining through in just one spot and he exclaimed Look Mom God IS with them- the light was only shining on the Cross...amazing feeling! Warmth inside and on a perfect day that we all needed that reminder as I read my husbands family posting about their mother, his sister, my children's aunt, remembering her passing a year ago. It gives much comfort knowing that she is taken care of in heaven with God. 

Weekending also brings each day of us on duck watch...Momma duck finally aborted her 2nd nest and only has one nest and now has 6 eggs..she began sitting on them a bit today, so we await to see how many total she will lay. Spring is an exciting time with much anticipation of new life and birth. The cactus in the front also began spouting beautiful flowers and the tree's all are getting fuller with their green shaded leaves. Its a beautiful time.

Seeing beauty in our ordinary weekend at home.

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