Saturday, April 19, 2014

Egg Coloring & Day Trip for Momma

Being that we don't eat we don't buy eggs...well let me change that- the kids eat our own chicken's eggs maybe once a week if that (because we want to reduce our animal protein intake as much as possible and stay mainly vegetarian)- so anyways, not wanting to support buying eggs- our daughter found some 'plastic' eggs for coloring- they worked decent- had to sit a bit longer in the dye but still colored decently and the kids had fun- Friday brought Momma going out of town for a day trip for work and the kids got to enjoy their Aunt and Uncle and sweet baby cousin- a much needed day as they had been talking about seeing their cousin for many months now and got to dye eggs with her as well. Much fun ending to their week!

Into the weekend we come...a friends birthday, animals pens to be cleaned out, relaxing, fun to be had...spending it together.

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