Sunday, April 13, 2014

Weekending...Family Church Outdoors

Saturday found us mostly inside, catching up on chores, venturing to Target for a little girls being silly trying on sunglasses, hats and scarfs and our son looking at beach toys.

Today, Sunday morning, asking to go to the water again I thought it a great idea- so I packed up our bible, snacks, bottled waters and toys and we headed to the water. Their Dad being extra tired still trying to get into the groove of a new job slept, in a few weeks once settled we'll try heading back to church as a family and see if its do-able while on this shift- otherwise just another 7 weeks and he'll adjust to another new shift that may work best for attending Sunday morning service. But for now, even if we don't praise God in a church on Sunday, we certainly live each day with God and teach our children about his love. So at the sandy shores we laid out on our blanket and before play the kids laid and listened as I read from the bible...the kids choose to focus on Easter, being that its next week...we read about Passover, and we read about the Crucifixion and we read about Jesus rising again on that 3rd day, Easter Sunday. Our son drew in the sand as I read...he drew the cross and Jesus on it, he drew the tomb with the stone in front...and then he drew it moved to the side. As I finished reading, we talked for a few minutes, about sins, about forgiveness, about love and about faith.........

.....and then we played in the water for the remainder of the morning together.

 Happy Weekending to all, may you find a moment for praise and prayer and teaching of Gods word.

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