Sunday, September 6, 2015


Weekending...especially with hubbie working these last three weeks or so we truly just look forward to the weekend when there is no work for him and it slows down for me and we're able to get some projects under way and spend time together as a family. Being a holiday weekend we try and stay at home instead of heading out with the crowds to the river or lake. So here's a little of what we've been up to this weekend,

>Mowing the dogs yard
>Silly chickens cackling at the mower and taking dirt baths
>Garden Planning over Pancakes for breakfast
       Still the kids fav recipe that I make ....
>Afternoon of the boys playing games together and us girls getting a few episodes of a show in...just relaxing, laying around, hanging out.
>An early evening visit from a friend - so blessed to be delivered yummy brussel sprouts!!
>Dinner was so tasty - Spaghetti squash from another friend, home grown from her garden...topped with some garlic shrimp with herbs.  

>Momma got up early to feed pups and head outside to pull weeds. Some progress made, a little cleared space! Its a start!
>Enough home made pancakes yesterday to give the kiddos them again for breakfast this morning!
>Chore time..Animal Cage cleaning (me and the kids)...guinea pigs, chickens, rabbits. Whew! While hubbie vacuumed inside.
>Home made Banana Bread made for breakfast the next few days..
(we do use partial whole wheat in this recipe!)
>Quiet afternoon...boys playing, daughter reading, momma baking.
>Dinner tonight...Zucchini-herb-casserole
     Except we opt for Brown Rice, less cheese and sometimes we put in mushrooms too!

Blessings to you and your families this holiday weekend.

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