Saturday, September 12, 2015


Today was filled with getting up early to go to 4H fair clean up day, then picking up lunch and heading out to our storage units to get one cleared out. Its amazing how time goes by so fast, escapes month, October it will be a year since we stored a lot of our belongings in these storage units and made the long drive to move out of state to Idaho. A year ago. It does not truly seem like it.

 Big plans to clear them out as soon as we came back slowly became not realistic as summer quickly came upon us and the heat proved too much to be in a hot stuffy storage unit! Today though we successfully got out of one of them, now we only have 1 left. Progress. The last few days I've been have requested blueberry one day and chocolate chip the other. Hubbie had his last day of his temp job so we are all thankful to have him home again...the kids were missing him much! I also had a bit of time Friday for some more 'making'...this time some home made tinted moisturizer/concealer. Loving homemade and looking forward to doing more of it.

Used above on my face from the site link below...the home made tinted moisturizer with the home made powder dusted over it too...

Hope your Saturday was blessed and filled with joy and happiness, relaxation and fun.

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