Thursday, September 3, 2015

Breaks in between Errands

We've had errands to run several days this week. Its been quite a busy week thus far and its only Thursday today, still yet things to do today and tomorrow before the weekend is here. But in between errands and chores we've enjoyed a lunch out on the river and spending a few minutes skipping rocks and putting our toes in to enjoy the cool water. We also enjoyed a full day yesterday where we had several errands but made stops in between each one to play at the park - 3 parks to be exact. The kids thought that was pretty awesome- 3 parks in 1 day. We swung together, our son rode his scooter, we played games, we ran, we laughed and we loved. Beautiful days together.

Good morning sunrise this a.m.... and a few pics captured from our breaks this week...

Fun in the middle of errand running! Love these two kids!

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