Thursday, October 1, 2015

Library & Park

A routine that has been in place every year...a weekly trip to the Library along with a trip to the park for play, reading, tennis, to scooter, take a nature walk, and talk. So being our first week of school we took that trip yesterday.  Light array of books only due to being on vacation to California next week.

Some animal books for our son, he's also going to continue reading The Guardians of Ga'hoole series. And audio book for our up coming trip. Our daughters books not pictured but she choose some crafting, writing and story books along with a 3 book series. A wood pallet project book for Dad and Mother Earth News for both Momma and Dad. A little warm but we still got in some tennis play, reading, checking out flowers with bee's and butterflies on them and some scooter time too. A beautiful afternoon break from studies and work.

Thankful for our quiet, peaceful afternoon together.

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