Friday, October 2, 2015

Afternoon Break

Yesterday we spent the morning in our studies. Our son reading out loud with me the sea/ocean, arctic/antarctic books he picked out at the library- getting some research done before heading on a day trip to Seaworld next week. We also checked in on his little 'penguin' egg...48 hours to hatch date which had cracked a bit yesterday at the 24 hr mark. Our daughter spent time studying sign language and finishing up and printing her 4H story and organizing her 4H binder. After lunch the binder had to be turned in so we ventured to the next town up to drop it off. It was a pleasant trip, a little over an hour each way. We talked, sang, played car games on the road. We took a stretch break at a park too. We spent time at the park running, playing tag, make believe playing ninja, doing cartwheels and hand stands, meditating, doing yoga and just being together- laughing, loving, having fun until it was finally time to venture home so that dinner could be made and we could get our daughter to ballet on time. A fun break in our normal.

Beautiful peaceful day. Sun, breeze, laughs and love.

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