Saturday, October 24, 2015

October ( + November??) Goals for Homesteading & Home making

My idea was to put in writing each month some goals I'd like to set to make, bake and so forth in homesteading and/or home making. Unfortunately we are sitting here on October 24th with no goals posted. But I do have them written down in a journal of idea's I have. I'm going to say at this point they are going to run over into November, and then I'll probably add some on as well in the next month!

I'm happy to say we made / and baked all the items on Septembers list with the exception of our garden. I just don't think it will happen this fall, but we are looking forward to what spring will bring. And perhaps getting a few potted plants to hold us through till then!

October / November
Homesteading and Home making
>>Continue Baking!
Agenda: Pumpkin/Carrot Muffins for our pumpkin-loving son!  I'm wanting to try this recipe...already got all the items and ready to bake-make this weekend; pumpkin-and-carrot-muffins 
Home made Pumpkin Pie - need to look for a recipe/or ask friend for a tried-and true one! Again for our pumpkin-loving son! 

>> ZERO Paper Plates & Plastic Silverware
We got lazy. I got busy. No more excuses.
No more paper.
(next step no more paper towels/napkins- we did it once a few years back, we can do it again- go paperless!)

>>Less Waste 
MORE scraps to the chickens! Also start composting. But first step- just send the scraps outside! We've already gotten pretty good at this- just in the last month my son and I keep a bag in the fridge and we fill it after a meal with any scraps, every morning we dish out the treats!

>>DIY Mascara
I've seen a few recipes I'm eager to try. When first researching I cam across this recipe...but I'm still on the look out for what I am going to actually make.
>>Build a Fire Pit
Fall and Winter always entice us to build a warm cozy fire. We were so blessed the last two years with two houses during cold times with pot belly stoves and fireplaces, unfortunately not in this home. So we've decided to take the warmth outside for evening hang outs and build a fire pit!
>>Start Knitting Again / Monthly Sew Project with daughter
I haven't knitted in over a year! I just told my daughter last night I'm going to make some knitted head bands for winter and she pipped in we need to get on our 'monthly sewing' project we had chatted about. To take on making 1 item per month- something new that we've never done! I'm totally on board and plus, I love spending one on one time with her :)
>>Lastly - - Source some pallets and get some Coop / Outdoor Chicken area's built
We've been chatting and looking at idea's online for a while but just haven't done it. Now that the heat of summer is done and we can work outside easier, its time to make the chickens more comfy!

Happy October and November Friends! 
Don't you just LOVE fall!?

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