Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Vaca Fun

The surprise trip went off without a hitch- surprising my Papa, the kids great Papa was so heart felt- he was super surprised and loved it. His smile when he saw us said it all. We enjoyed a few short days with all of our out of town family- hanging out, taking a trip to the zoo, and having a birthday celebration. Now to count the days down again when we will get to visit perhaps a bit longer!

A few of the photo's our son captured at the zoo of his beloved birds. A trip to an exotic bird pet store...a few walks to the park to scooter and swing...and a final stop on the way home for our daughter to pick out leotards, tights, and shoes to be able to start ballet again. A great trip.

Blessed that we live so close and can visit so often...family is everything and time with them is so valuable to our hearts. We enjoy and soak up every moment of it with them.

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