Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Christmas Time

Our house is filled with holiday music both listening and playing on the piano. We just got up a few special decorations over the last weekend (not everything and no tree due to traveling out of town) and our daughter has had one holiday dance performance and is about to perform again this upcoming weekend. We also had our 4H Christmas party. Holiday movies for movie night and chats about what Christmas is really about and what to hold dear in our hearts. I am somewhat thankful we have no normal Tv to see all of the holiday commercials, ads and such. We at times discuss how difficult it is in our society to really stress and focus on what is truly important. We can only try to start at home and not be concerned with the rest of the world - remain true to what our focus is and what we want to teach our children. Thankful for this season and for Christ, family and friends.

Blessings this holiday season.

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