Tuesday, June 28, 2016

A few days here....

We moved in last Friday so we've only been a few nights in our new home. We've been out to a few grocery stores. We made a trip to Home Depot already for chicken coop building supplies and a rabbit area we have planned. We stopped at a park for some play time and saw a neat dog park too. Its been sunny one moment and overcast the next. It started raining last night and has been off and on today. Some thunder and lighting too which our pups don't appreciate. We have a make shift animal area out back by the shed till their permanent homes get built this week or so. Everyone is exhausted but everyone is happy to be 'home' and here. We're looking forward to a big 4th of July parade Saturday and some fire works fun as well. Unpacking is slow moving but progress is being made daily. We are thankful, grateful and our hearts are filled with this new opportunity in our new town.

Just blessed.

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