Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hot Dogs, Stir Fry and Chili & a quick trip!

Last week in review: A little late!
The kids and hubbie have been super sick- fevers and flu like junk- no fun. They are just starting to feel better. I headed out of town for the weekend on a short two day trip to my parents house for a little mini-vaca. After that great trip to Vegas that previous weekend, for some grocery shopping we were excited to try some of the thing we bought...a few meals we had last week...

Veggie Hot Dogs with Asperagus and Home made potato chips
Hubbie bbq'd the dogs on the grill and they turned out great! 
 Veggie Stir Fry with Rice Noodles, Kimichi and Organic Miso Soup
 Quinoa Bean Chili with Corn Bread
Quinoa was a great meat substitute- two kinds of beans and onion and tomatoes- yumm

Took a nice trip out of town, back home to spend two days at my parents house- Meatless meals weren't too hard to come by- Mexican food is always a good choice- and breakfast I found a great Hash brown meal with spinach, tomato and mushrooms and egg substitute from IHOP- oh the best! Yumm. Me with my kids two kitties (Comet & Jupiter) that my parents keep for them-
Onto this weekend...we are ready for some basketball, crafting, sewing, shopping and playing!!

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