Sunday, February 12, 2012

Road Trip Grocery Trip

Weekend Review- The weekend started Friday since the kids have no school that day- we hung out at home, did a drive by on a house for sale then checked out clothes and shoes at Target and headed to Subway for veggie sandwiches for dinner then to our daughters basketball game- they lost but it was a great game, the kids all played very well!

Saturday we all headed to our son's game, even with being hit in the mouth, cutting his lip then hit in the nose, he still got in the game and did great. Afterwards, we picked up our co-op basket of fruits and veggies and were very excited over some yummy asparagus and pineapple and mango's and less thrilled with yet another cauliflower! Hitting recipe sites online to check out yet more options for cauliflower dishes...we have really been enjoying Indian curries, so perhaps another round of that type dish..we'll see!

Being that there is not much selection of stores or items near us we have been talking about heading to Vegas to check out Whole Foods Market and some other food on a whim we decided why not, let's go! To Vegas we went...a trip to Fry's first to look around at Electronics, then to Whole Foods Market, Greenland Market for Asian foods, had yummy Sushi, rice and vegetable noodle soup for dinner then a Boba drink for desert, a drive down the strip at night so the kids could see the casino's lit up and off to home we went- and instead of sleeping children in the back seat we got loud, singing children in the back seat- very entertaining to say the least! A great family day together.

 Showed the kids the Luxor- where hubbie and I stayed after getting married
 Awesome Asian market with the biggest selection of mushrooms you've ever seen!

 Mango drink
 Kids wanted to see Vegas lit up!

And as for breakfast of Apple Fritters- home made by my two favorite guys-
and after, some shopping, animal cage cleaning, laundry, and a trip to the park for some family basketball practice! Another fantastic weekend.

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