Saturday, September 13, 2014

4H - Fair Time

Thinking about this past week and this weekend ahead which is all encompassing of fair and not really anything else... I thought about what 4H has done for our children, our family. I see the person our oldest is growing up to be and could not be more proud and know that 4H is partly to thank for that...the values, the friendships, the leaders, the environment, the love. Awards, ribbons and trophies are not whats most important its the friends, its the people, its the hearts of these kids.  The passion, the determination, the hard work. Amazing kids.

Sharing a few pictures...
You have to be an expert packer to get ALL the kids animals and supplies in one car and still fit the people...
5 pigeons
4 ducks
3 rabbits
16 cavies
2 supply/show boxes
1 long grooming table

Ribbons fade over time but friendships last a life time.

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