Monday, September 22, 2014

The Land of Busy and Chaos

When reading this quote during my quick 5 minute power facebook time in between three jobs, making my daily to-do list, prepping banana bread for breakfast when the children get up and wrangling the dogs in and out for potty and outside time...this quote on Simply Homeschool facebook page popped out to me and it rang so true of this moment.

Unfortunately. I am not proud to say this.

I strive so hard to be so balanced...I'm not right now. We have big life changing plans in the works right now. One last piece to the puzzle and I think we'll come out to the world since select friends and family know right now. But for this moment reading this quote made me think, stop for a moment and realize that although life is incredibly busy and chaotic right now I need to still continue as I've always done to strive to make each and every day count. I believe I was on to this last night when during the evening all I wanted to do was zone out in a tv show for 5/10 minutes and both kids were on a Mom can I show you this? or Mom can I tell you something? kick- - I listened and looked half heartedly, tired, worn, perhaps half annoyed I hate to say. But later that eve as I tucked them into bed I realized that was not me talking to them, acting towards them- it was busy and chaos getting the better of me.

So, I took some extra moments to make the day count...even if it was at the end of the day and listened to my daughter sing a song she had just learned all the lyrics to and wanted me to hear. Beautiful- a hug and tucked into bed. And my son and I made next day plans to play a game of chess and for him to show me a piano song he'd been working on. I felt the day was somewhat saved. Their hearts felt good as they closed their eyes and so did mine.

Although we are counting down the days right now before our lives change drastically, I realize more than ever how important it is to make the days count as well.

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